ERF2020 in Malaga: the European robotics community comes together to share their expertise and discuss the future of robotics

PAL Robotics team at Málaga 2020

PAL Robotics’ EU project partnerships

After recently returning from Malaga with REEM-C,TIAGo and ARI, we are happy to report that this year’s European Robotics Forum (ERF 2020) was a great success, and PAL Robotics was delighted to be a bronze sponsor. We hosted three workshops, delivered nine presentations and mingled with the great and the good of European robotics at their annual most influential meeting.

During three days in sunny Malaga, the PAL Robotics team was able to share expertise and present our service robots and their benefits for research, logistics and more. Our presentations topics ranged from Industry 4.0, to cybersecurity, and robotics for logistics and transport. Event delegates had the chance to be introduced to our newest robot ARI, who can interact, entertain and provide dynamic information, our biped humanoid robot REEM-C, and our robot TIAGo that’s customizable and adaptable to meet any research needs.

For other news on the world of Robotics and PAL’s participation, take a look at our blog on robots.

Workshop at ERF 2020 in Málaga

PAL Robotics hosted workshops on: state of the art developments in humanoid service robots, empowering robotics research and tech transfer via competitions, and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming social robotics. During these workshops, our guests talked about how they have used PAL’s robots, both in research activities and in their European Union funded research projects, such as SPRING, Co4Robots, OpenDR, EnrichMe, RobmoSys, Eurobench,Memmo and SeCoIIA.

Contribution to a wider discussion on robotics

PAL Robotics’ team was invited to contribute their expertise to workshops and discussions at the forum including robot security and overcoming the boundaries of today’s robotics software engineering.

Workshop on Swarm Robotics at ERF 2020 in Málaga

Meeting with our robots

Visitors to the PAL Robotics booth met three of our robots: REEM-C, TIAGo and the celebrity of the event – ARI. ARI’s human-like features attracted lots of attention, including a group of school children very interested to learn more! ARI was able to demonstrate its presenter capabilities to the crowd, including waving, talking, and even dancing flamenco…all controlled by a phone app. But that’s not all – at the event awards ceremony, ARI became the star of the show dressed up in traditional flamenco clothing and welcoming guests for photos!

The social robot ARI with a flamenco scarf at ERF 2020 in Málaga

Did you miss us at the ERF?

We take part in a whole host of events throughout the year, including ICRA 2020 which is coming soon to Paris. If you’d like to know when and where you can meet and interact with our robots, just send an email to and we’ll tell you more! 

PAL Robotics would like to thank euRobotics, and the European Robotics Forum 2020 local organizers, The University of Malaga, for their impressive work in making once again the gathering of the European Robotics community a success. Until next time, see you at ERF 2021!

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