Areas of Use

Find here the main areas in which our service robots and platforms add value today. We help you start benefiting from cutting-edge robotics as smooth and easy as you can imagine.


Advancing agrifood sectors with robotics, increasing yield, sustainability, and safety from farm to table through intelligent automation.

Artificial Intelligence

Driving the future with AI-powered robots, designed for complex problem solving and enhancing human-machine collaboration.


Empowering lifelong learning with versatile robots, designed for educational purposes across ages and disciplines, inspiring students and researchers alike.


Enhancing patient care through robotics, offering precision, efficiency, and support with innovative healthcare automation solutions.


Revolutionizing industrial operations with robotic precision, safety, and efficiency for smarter production and process management.


Optimizing logistics workflows with cutting-edge robotics, ensuring accuracy and speed in supply chain and inventory management


Pioneering robotics research with advanced humanoid and mobile ROS platforms, custom engineering, and dynamic collaborative initiatives.


Transforming retail experiences with robotic assistance, ensuring service excellence and operational efficiency in dynamic consumer spaces.