Find here the main areas in which PAL Robotics service robots and platforms add value today. We help you start benefiting from cutting-edge robotics as smooth and easy as you can imagine.


PAL Robotics collaborates with the top research institutions who are creating the future today in robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Our solutions include reliable humanoid and mobile ROS-based platforms, engineering services to design tailor-made robots, and cooperation through collaborative projects.


Indoor deliveries automation is helping industries and businesses to tremendously increase productivity and optimize resources. Smartly designed and fully customizable, PAL Robotics’ Autonomous Mobile Robots are smoothly integrated to let you start today automating your indoor deliveries.


Service robots enable top retailers to stay ahead in the sector, overcome today’s challenges and consolidate customers’ loyalty. Stock-taking robots ensure a daily and exhaustive inventory control for the first time in retail, and interactive robots deliver a unique tailor-made experience for customers.


Social robots equipped with Artificial Intelligence provide a wide variety of tailor-made services for your business. Differentiate your company with exclusive interactive applications adaptive to multiple languages. Check out how social robots can help your business grow in innovation and customer care.

Are you in a different area or sector? Our versatile platforms can add value to many more fields. Besides, our talented engineering team can develop the robotic solution that suits your needs. Ask us!