To enhance your robotic experience using our platforms, we offer you our support and the following services.

ROS Developments

Advanced ROS Solutions for Custom Robotics

At PAL Robotics, we specialize in creating advanced ROS integration solutions, designed to enhance your robotic platforms with tailor-made functionalities. Our customized ROS software packages can be integrated, empowering your robots to perform specialized tasks more efficiently and effectively.

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Engineering services

Expert Engineering for Robotic Systems

We offer expert engineering services to enhance your robotic systems. Our team specializes in mechanical and electronic design, ensuring superior performance and quality in every project.

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Custom solutions

Tailored Robotics Customization to Meet Your Needs

Every challenge requires a unique solution, and at PAL Robotics, we understand the importance of robot customization. We offer modifications for our robotic platforms, ensuring that each robot is perfectly aligned with your specific needs and operational goals.

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Customer support

Customer Support for Optimal Robotics Performance

We’re dedicated to your success with our robots, offering comprehensive customer support. We offer extensive customer support, including setup assistance and operational guidance, ensuring that you have expert help every step of the way.

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Robot rental

Enhance Your Events with Cutting-Edge Robot Rental Services

Elevate your events by incorporating the latest in robotics technology. We offer a diverse range of robotic rental options, designed to captivate and engage your audience, making every event memorable.

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Expert Training for Your Robotics Needs

Maximize your robotics investment with our tailored training services. Designed for new robot owners, our training ensures you have the skills and knowledge to operate and maintain your robot effectively.

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Collaborative projects

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