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Get the robotic platform you need to boost your project, and use our engineering services to have the right tools in your research or team with us through collaborative projects to push robotics together!



We all speak the same language: ROS

Install your own packages, drives and controllers and speed up your developments with open-source libraries for simulation, control and perception.



Advance your research on robot movement with adaptable strategies and dynamic walking techniques. Prepare your robot for motion on uneven and challenging terrains.



Set efficient path planning and obstacle avoidance for your robot’s navigation. Ensure autonomous navigation even in complex settings and environments.


Mobile Manipulation

Push the boundaries of mobile manipulation by implementing skillful object manipulation. Implement grasping tasks for interaction with items in dynamic environments.


Human-Robot Interaction

Explore research in human-robot interaction and collaboration. From intuitive interfaces to learning algorithms, employ natural communication for better synergies.



From computer vision to object recognition and sensor fusion, enhance your robots’ autonomy and ability to accurately perceive and interpret their surroundings.

Robot Ari

Since creating REEM-A in 2004, the first humanoid robot entirely developed in Europe, we’ve been developing better and more advanced robots. Discover our commitment to innovation and excellence to deliver robust and efficient solutions to push the boundaries of robotics research. Join us!


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