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Transforming retail: robotics for effective inventory management and memorable customer engagement.



Retail Applications

Robotics solutions designed for retail businesses



Autonomous Inventory RFID Tracking

Optimise your inventory

Integrating RFID technology and robotics into one platform, StockBot operates autonomously to automate your inventory management in any layout.

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Optimise customer engagement

Drive real interactions

Attract customers and build meaningful connections with ARI, the social platform designed for reception and promotion through memorable interactions.

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Analytics and Data Collection

Make data-driven business decisions

Get key insights into inventory and customer behaviour, create your own money map, and use robot analytics to track trends, hotspots and planogram compliance.

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Engineering services

Empowering Retail Automation and Customer Connections

From an initial assessment to custom-made solutions and functionalities up to specific training and setup, our services help retailers automate and improve their processes.

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Specialised solutions for retailers

Customised services for retailers according to their needs and through the whole process.

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Retail Robotics in action

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