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Building meaningful connections, made easy

ARI is our social robot to assist customers with dynamic information, run promotional campaigns and conduct research in HRI. Enhance your research and business with ARI’s perception, custom behaviour, and expressiveness.

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Expressive motions & behaviour

Promote user interaction using ARI’s expressive eyes, light effects, gazing behaviour, and versatile gestures for customised genuine interactions.


Interactive touchscreen

Design any social interactions with ARI’s touchscreen. Display your own multimedia content, games, or surveys for your promotional campaigns.


Social perception

ARI detects and identifies people, performs speech and intent recognition. providing multi-modal perception for Human-Robot Interaction (HRI).


Your AI social robot

Easily integrate and embody your AI algorithms with ARI’s processing power. Immerse yourself in the limitless applications of AI and IoT.


Speech recognition & synthesis

Talk to ARI using our chatbot! ARI recognizes speech, handles dialogues, and synthesises voices in several languages.




Height 165 cm
Width 53 cm
Depth 73 cm
Autonomy 8 – 12 hours
Touchscreen 10.1″ 1200×800
OS Ubuntu LTS, Real Time OS


ARI simulation model and tutorials available at: wiki.ros.org/Robots/ARI

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ARI Web User Interface

Access the intuitive and user-friendly web-based interface for a smooth experience with ARI. Easily modify ARI’s touchscreen content, speech, and even create your own gestures with your own motion editor.


ARI in action




NVIDIA Jetson™

Take your AI and ML tasks to the next level with NVIDIA Jetson™. Integrate it with ARI and explore the synergy of AI and robotics.


RGB-D & Thermal Cameras

Enhance ARI’s perception and navigation capabilities.


Additional battery charger

Ensure non-stop performance with rapid, reliable charging for uninterrupted operation.


Advancing Creative Solutions

Let us help you develop the robotic applications of the future using our innovative solutions to improve your workflow.

Artificial Intelligence


Empowering future innovators

Enhance educational experience with robotics as an assistive tool tailoring content to individual abilities for personalised learning



Caring Through Innovation

We aim to reshape patient care by integrating latest robotic technologies to enhance healthcare efficiency and outcomes.



Pushing research limits

Join the growing community that uses our reliable and cutting-edge humanoid and mobile robots. We help you find the best robotic solution to boost your research!



Robotics for your store

Transforming retail: robotics for effective inventory management and memorable customer engagement.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about ARI? Find the answers to them here!

Expressive, helpful and entertaining, ARI helps you design the social interactions you are aiming for. Our collaborative robot has been created as a safe, interactive and autonomous social robot that can help you with customer-facing activities. As a receptionist, guide, entertainer or presenter; it connects with your customers.

Our social robot is very easy to deploy. It has an intuitive user interface that helps you easily adapt the collaborative robot to your needs. If you want to know more about how to use the robot in your environment, we are happy to hear more about your needs and help you along the way. You can reach out to our team via the contact form and we will get back to you within at most one business day.

ARI is easily integrated with external systems. The social robot has WiFi capabilities and could connect to your facility network infrastructure and internet based cloud services. It has a powerful and extensive API that integrators and end-users can take advantage of in order to connect the collaborative robot with thousands of different services.

ARI adapts to most environments, so you won’t need to make any modifications in the majority of the cases. The social humanoid robot uses advanced technology based on multiple sensors that allows the robot to safely interact and navigate without requiring any modification such as guiding tracks or other complex installation that other platforms might need.

ARI is able to speak in more than 30 languages and this is just the start for our social robotics. If you have a need for a specific language, please let us know and we can confirm if our social robot is able to speak that language.

An intuitive and user-friendly web-based interface allows you to easily alter ARI’s touchscreen content, speech, and even create your own gestures. This way, we ensure that the applications and behaviour of our social robot can be easily controlled from any device such as desktop, smartphone or tablet.

ARI’s motions, speeches and touchscreen contents are easy to adapt by using the provided SDK to match the needs of your application. ARI’s eyes are also customizable for enabling better interactions. Multiple themes are available for the touchscreen and the brightness is adaptable to different light conditions. In case you need a customization for a larger volume of units such as a special colour, please let us know and we will be happy to find a way to help you with the desired customization for your collaborative robot.

The easiest way is to get in touch with our team through our contact form and we will get back to you shortly.

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