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TIAGo Base

The autonomous mobile robot for intralogistics


Optimize your potential with TIAGo Base

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) for indoor deliveries

TIAGo Base works autonomously to enhance logistics, cut down costs, and boost efficiency and productivity in your business. The intralogistics robot works safely and adapts to changes, avoiding obstacles and people. Customise our autonomous mobile robot to meet your requirements. We can even design and manufacture a TIAGo Base robot specifically for you!

TIAGo Base models for logistics and delivery by PAL Robotics

Drive TIAGo Base in every direction

Besides the standard two-wheel differential drive mobile base, TIAGo Base is available with omnidirectional mecanum wheels, and two LIDAR sensors for an unobstructed 360º FOV secure movement, including autonomous navigation, obstacle detection and path planning. Move and navigate the omnidirectional base with ease thanks to its precision positioning in constrained environments exploiting our intralogistics robot to the fullest.

TIAGo OMNI Base is an autonomous mobile robot developed by PAL Robotics

Fast installation and user friendly

Get started smoothly with TIAGo Base! Our compact Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is quickly and easily set up. We give you the means to manage your fleet of intralogistics robots. Change your robots’ tasks on the go, either through our web GUI or via your ERP system – we can provide, to you or to your integrator, a RESTful API for that.

TIAGo Base configuration to set up the intralogistics robot

Areas of Use

TIAGo Base can be used in a wide number of sectors and industries. The intralogistics robot is highly versatile, making it suitable for:

Industrial Plants
and Warehouses

Hospitals and Labs



Video TIAGo Base in action

TIAGo Base is a modular mobile platform that automates deliveries in industrial settings. The AMR base has autonomous behaviour, is easy to control and can be customized with accessories to adapt to any specific need.

White paper for TIAGo Base autonomous mobile robot (AMR) developed by PAL Robotics for intralogistics

Our guide to AMRs
Bringing more flexibility to manufacturing
White paper for TIAGo Base autonomous mobile robot (AMR) developed by PAL Robotics for intralogistics

Your perfect match

TIAGo Base is totally customizable for your needs.
Here are some of our existing models and examples. Request your quote
and we will find the perfect autonomous mobile robot for you!

All TIAGo bases for all the possible configurations of this autonomous mobile robot (AMR)

Technical Information

Contact PAL Robotics and get in touch with a team of experts
who can assess you and provide you with more information of TIAGo Base.


100 kg

Max Speed:

1.5 m/s


∅ 540 mm



10 hours continuous use


4.5 hours complete recharge


Compatible with multiple devices


Frequently Asked Questions

A RESTful API is provided to integrators and end-users to handily integrate our AMRs with your ERP or business’ internal system. This way, you can command your fleet of intralogistics robots from the same software you use to have everything under control.

If you have any further questions about logistics automation and software integration, contact us!

Sure! Contact us and we will design a proof of concept so you can first test the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) in your own home. See for yourself the advantages of having TIAGo Bases that boost your productivity!

You can choose the option that suits your needs best:

  • Use our intuitive Web GUI, compatible with multiple devices (tablet, computer, mobile, etc).
  • Integrate our AMR with your ERP or internal management system. We can provide you or your integrator a RESTful API for a straightforward integration.

And you’re ready to go!

Sure! You can even combine diverse configurations of our intralogistics robot within your fleet according to your needs. We provide a Fleet Control Software to assign tasks, optimize routes, perform traffic control and enable analytics. Ask us for more details or if you have any special request!

Yes, you can program TIAGo Base to work the hours your business needs. Once it fulfils all the tasks assigned, the intralogistics robot will go back to its dock station and recharge while waiting for a new command.

If the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) runs out of battery in the middle of a task, our Fleet Control Software can autonomously send another robot to take it over, ensuring a constant production flow.

Tell us how many deliveries you need in your production line, your warehouse, or your company, and we can give you accurate details on that!

You can leave your space as it is, the intralogistics robot doesn’t need any guide, track, or requirements to autonomously navigate and perform the deliveries.

TIAGo Base is an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) and uses an advanced set of sensors and software to safely navigate without following any guide. This is a huge step ahead from the traditional AGVs.

TIAGo Base’s Artificial Intelligence generates the most efficient route to reach its delivery point, which is flexible and can change according to the production/business needs. People and other mobile elements, can safely move around it and even cross its way.

You can use Wi-Fi or any other wireless technology that you need. Contact us for further details!

Contact PAL Robotics team if you have any further questions!

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