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Unveiling the next era of research with precision navigation and autonomy


The mobile base designed for you

Experience unparalleled 3D environment perception and rich data collection and enhance your AI research with the powerful NVIDIA Jetson GPU. Refine your logistics with payloads up to 80 kg with stability in any condition.

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A New Generation of AMR

Efficiency and innovation for research and business, ARan is equipped with modern software and hardware to navigate dynamic environments and do tasks better.


Vision System

Capture the environment in 3D and gather detailed data with ARan’s vision system equipped with two advanced RGB-D cameras and a wide 245º laser.



ARan navigates autonomously in any setting, planning the optimal paths with the SLAM technology, detecting and avoiding obstacles with the dual cameras.


High Payload & Built for Harsh Conditions

ARan holds up to 80 kg in all indoor terrains, maintains great balance with the advanced suspension system, and auto-docks to recharge for smooth operations.



Dimensions 615 x 525 x 295 mm
Weight 47 kg
Autonomy 8 h
Cameras Cameras Intel ® RealSense™ D435 – 6DoF
Payload 80 kg
CPU i7
Max Speed 1 m/s
Footprint ∅ 640 mm
Operating System ROS 2


ARan simulation model and tutorials available at:

Download DatasheetROS Tutorials



ARan Web User Interface

Discover ARan’s user-friendly Web User Interface to check the robot’s status, plan tasks and execute them. Manage your programmes and edit them without any coding with the Visual Programming web-app!


ARan in action


Pushing research limits

Join the growing community that uses our reliable and cutting-edge humanoid and mobile robots. We help you find the best robotic solution to boost your research!



Empowering Nature with Technology

Join the robotic revolution in agri-food: Where cutting-edge technology meets traditional practices, optimizing your entire production chain.



Transform your operations

Optimise your indoor deliveries and increase productivity through our flexible technologies and solutions.





Dock Charging Station

Power up your ARan efficiently for continuous operations



Bring your AI research to the next level with the powerful NVIDIA Jetson GPU


Additional Battery Charger

Ensure non-stop performance with rapid, reliable charging for uninterrupted operation



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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ section for insights on ARan, covering everything from setup and operation to maintenance and troubleshooting tips

You can watch videos of TIAGo in action through the following YouTube TIAGo Playlist. In there you will find our mobile manipulator robot used for many research projects, robotics competitions or showing specific features. Enjoy!

The different motors of the mobile manipulator robot can be controlled using ROS interfaces. All the controllers provided are implemented as plugins of ros_control and are contained in ros_controllers. All the controllers run in the real-time control loop and have access to the full robot hardware interfaces exposed by ros_control. The motors of TIAGo can be controlled in the following modes: The wheels of the mobile base can be controlled through velocity mode. The motor of the lifting torso and the two motors of the head can be controlled in position mode. Finally, the motors of the arm can be controlled in position and in effort mode.

Yes. The user only needs to create ros_control plugins to implement new controllers and add them to the ros_controllers or replace the desired ones. The new controllers will run in the real-time control loop and will have access to the full mobile manipulator robot hardware interfaces exposed by ros_control.

Yes. Compliance in TIAGo’s arm is achieved by using two mechanisms: Sensorless torque control: open-loop torque references are commanded. This is based on feedforward current control which is achieved thanks to the accurate model of the arm dynamics including mechanics, electronics cabling and covers and the low friction of the joints. This results in a high acceptable force control in the operational space. Admittance control: using the data from the force/torque sensor of the wrist, positions can be commanded taking external forces into account obtaining even much better results than when using sensorless torque control.

Yes. They use the same mounting connector and the same interface on the mobile manipulator robot. The process for interchanging the end effectors in TIAGo is very easy and fast.

The mobile manipulator robot has 1 year warranty on hardware. The warranty for your TIAGo can be extended according to your need.

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