Embrace the future of intralogistics:
omnidirectional, intuitive, and efficient


The AMR designed to innovate indoor deliveries

TIAGo OMNI Base is a state-of-the-art intralogistics robot that works autonomously to enhance your logistics, cut down costs, and boost efficiency and productivity in your business. Discover our highly customisable solution.

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Omnidirectional 360º movement

TIAGo OMNI Base is fitted with four mecanum wheels to drive in any direction and with two LiDAR sensors for an unobstructed 360º view ensuring secure movement.


Easy to use and to install

Our AMR is designed for easy setup. Manage efficiently your fleet of robots and adapt easily their tasks through our web user interface or from your ERP system.


Endless integration possibilities

TIAGo OMNI Base can be tailored with accessories according to your needs. We can even design and manufacture a TIAGo OMNI Base robot specifically for you!
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Payload 100 kg
Dimensions 500 x 720 x 310 mm
Weight 96 kg
Max speed 1.5 m/s
Traversable gap 150 mm
Max autonomy 8-10 h
Wheels 4 mecanum motors


TIAGo simulation model and tutorials available at:

Download Datasheet

TIAGo OMNI Base Web User Interface

TIAGo OMNI Base comes with a user-friendly Web User Interface that allows you to manage your fleet, change tasks on the go and personalise your robot’s autonomous behaviour.




Camera Add-on

Enhance your robot’s perception capabilities with the RGB-D camera integration


Dock Station

Power up your TIAGo OMNI Base efficiently for continuous operations


Additional Battery Charger

Ensure non-stop performance with rapid, reliable charging for uninterrupted operation


Pushing research limits

Join the growing community that uses our reliable and cutting-edge humanoid and mobile robots. We help you find the best robotic solution to boost your research!



Transform your operations

Optimise your indoor deliveries and increase productivity through our flexible technologies and solutions.



Empowering Industrial Efficiency

Increase productivity and revenues through our flexible technologies and solutions.



TIAGo OMNI Base in action



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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ section for insights on TIAGo OMNI Base, covering everything from setup and operation to maintenance and troubleshooting tips.

The “Web-based Visual Programming ” Premium Package is an advanced feature that allows users to program and customise the TIAGo OMNI Base’s tasks and behaviours without the need for traditional coding. Through an intuitive web interface, users can drag and drop predefined blocks to create complex workflows, making it easier to tailor the robot’s functions to specific needs, enhancing efficiency and user experience. Contact us to discover more about our premium software packages.

High traction ensures reliable operation across different surfaces, maintaining performance in various environmental conditions.

The robot is designed to be quickly set up and managed through the user-friendly webGUI and Visual Programming package for non-technical expert users.

TIAGo OMNI Base improves efficiency, reduces operational costs, and enhances manoeuvrability in intralogistics. Get in touch with us to see how we are going to streamline and automate your logistics and warehouse.

Comprehensive training and online technical support are provided to ensure smooth operation and integration. Contact our team of experts to discover more on our assistance package.

TIAGo OMNI Base uses LiDARs and cameras for real-time obstacle detection and navigation.

Yes, its precise navigation and hygiene-friendly design make it suitable for sensitive environments like healthcare and labs.

Yes, its precise navigation and hygiene-friendly design make it suitable for sensitive environments like healthcare and labs.

The software provides enhanced mapping, localisation, and navigation capabilities (Virtual Obstacles, Points and Zones of Interest, Highways and Ramps support), utilising the robot’s sensors to their fullest potential.

The basic package includes the robot with standard sensors and software for autonomous navigation all 100% ROS based. The simulation of the robot in Gazebo is also provided along with its digital twin in Rviz. Contact us to discover more!

TIAGo OMNI Base excels in industrial, healthcare, hospitality, and office environments due to its versatility and adaptability. Get in touch with us to discover how our AMR adapts to your business and operational needs.

With high traction and omnidirectional wheels, TIAGo OMNI Base can traverse uneven surfaces without compromising stability.

TIAGo OMNI Base is equipped to navigate through changing environments and adapt to obstacles in real-time thanks to its 360º field of view obtained by its two lasers and optional RGBD camera.

TIAGo OMNI Base is ideal for navigational research thanks to the omnidirectional movement, payload, computational capacities, its 100% ROS integration and advanced sensors, allowing for the developing and testing of navigation algorithms.

Yes, TIAGo OMNI Base can be easily integrated with existing ERP systems for streamlined operations. Reach out to us to learn more!

The camera add-on enhances spatial awareness, improving object recognition and navigation.

TIAGo OMNI Base offers various accessories and the robot can be customised to suit your operational and business requirements and needs. Contact us to get in touch with our team of experts that will help you discover all the integration opportunities of TIAGo OMNI Base.

The omnidirectional movement allows the robot to navigate tight spaces by minimising the number of manoeuvres, optimising logistics workflos and minimising incidents.