The mobile manipulator robot that adapts to your research needs.


Endless possibilities to fit your research needs

TIAGo is ready to be your best research companion! Combining perception, navigation, manipulation, and Human-Robot Interaction in a modular and friendly design, TIAGo is easily configurable to your needs from day one.

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Modular design

Choose TIAGo’s end effectors, arm type, base drive, computing capabilities and more. TIAGo is available with no arms, or up to 2 arms.
Build your own TIAGo


ROS based

Get started right away with TIAGo’s open source simulation. Download a Docker image and try out TIAGo’s navigation and manipulation capabilities.
ROS Tutorials


Dexterous manipulation

The 7 DoF arms is ideal for grasping objects of different sizes and textures, providing a large manipulation workspace and easily exchangeable end-effectors.
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Compliant control

For unmatched safety and compliance, the Series Elastic Actuator arms are composed of 7 sequential individual torque controllable joints and built-in brakes.
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Height 110-145 cm
Footprint ø 54 cm
Arm Payload 3 Kg (without end-effector)
Battery autonomy 4-5h (1 battery)/8-10h (2 batteries)
Mounting points On head, laptop tray and mobile base
OS Ubuntu LTS, Real Time OS


TIAGo simulation model and tutorials available at:

Download Full SpecsWrite TIAGo into your grant!

Whole Body Control

Enable easy and safe commanding of the robot’s joints by taking into account its state. This package allows for control in joint space, cartesian control of the end-effector, gaze control and much more!

Advanced Navigation

Take full advantage of TIAGo’s sensors and effortlessly navigate and manage your maps! Set your own points of interest and virtual obstacles graphically through Rviz-based plugins.

Advanced Grasping

Build your own grasping tasks! Combining behaviour trees, MoveIt!, and computer vision, Advanced Grasping lets you perform complex manipulation tasks in a broad range of environments.

Animation Interface

Enhance TIAGo’s HRI capabilities by building your own custom motions and integrating them with speech and LED effects to create your presentations.

Visual Programming

Intuitively create and launch programs for your TIAGo without any coding experience needed!


TIAGo in action




Force/Torque sensor

Upgrade TIAGo’s arms with 6-axis F/T sensors to enable safer interaction within dynamic environments.


NVIDIA Jetson™

Take your AI and ML tasks to the next level with NVIDIA Jetson™. Integrate it with TIAGo and explore the synergy of AI and robotics.



Boost your interactions with TIAGo through its frontal touchscreen. Project your own applications, demos or even any page in a web browser.


Pushing research limits

Join the growing community that uses our reliable and cutting-edge humanoid and mobile robots. We help you find the best robotic solution to boost your research!



Caring Through Innovation

We aim to reshape patient care by integrating latest robotic technologies to enhance healthcare efficiency and outcomes.



Empowering future innovators

Enhance educational experience with robotics as an assistive tool tailoring content to individual abilities for personalised learning




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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have other questions about TIAGo? Check out our FAQ and find the answer you are looking for.

You can watch videos of TIAGo in action through the following YouTube TIAGo Playlist. In there you will find our mobile manipulator robot used for many research projects, robotics competitions or showing specific features. Enjoy!

The different motors of the mobile manipulator robot can be controlled using ROS interfaces. All the controllers provided are implemented as plugins of ros_control and are contained in ros_controllers. All the controllers run in the real-time control loop and have access to the full robot hardware interfaces exposed by ros_control. The motors of TIAGo can be controlled in the following modes: The wheels of the mobile base can be controlled through velocity mode. The motor of the lifting torso and the two motors of the head can be controlled in position mode. Finally, the motors of the arm can be controlled in position and in effort mode.

Yes. The user only needs to create ros_control plugins to implement new controllers and add them to the ros_controllers or replace the desired ones. The new controllers will run in the real-time control loop and will have access to the full mobile manipulator robot hardware interfaces exposed by ros_control.

Yes. Compliance in TIAGo’s arm is achieved by using two mechanisms: Sensorless torque control: open-loop torque references are commanded. This is based on feedforward current control which is achieved thanks to the accurate model of the arm dynamics including mechanics, electronics cabling and covers and the low friction of the joints. This results in a high acceptable force control in the operational space. Admittance control: using the data from the force/torque sensor of the wrist, positions can be commanded taking external forces into account obtaining even much better results than when using sensorless torque control.

Yes. They use the same mounting connector and the same interface on the mobile manipulator robot. The process for interchanging the end effectors in TIAGo is very easy and fast.

The mobile manipulator robot has 1 year warranty on hardware. The warranty for your TIAGo can be extended according to your need.