Project description

SANDRo 2 (Semi Autonomous Night and Day Robot 2) is an innovative robotic system, intended to provide remote care services to older people and people with physical limitations. The project goal is to develop and validate SANDRo2, a semi-autonomous, social robot which provides assistive services to older people & people with difficulties in Activities of Daily Living (ADL). SANDRo2 will autonomously patrol the corridors of a care facility, acting as first responder to client calls. Furthermore, SANDRo2 supports care workers by performing ADL tasks, facilitating client monitoring & communication and enabling screen care.

The tasks will be deployed on a novel platform based on PAL Robotics’ TIAGo robot with features to overcome inherent environment variations. The main result of the project is a robot system performing everyday support activities in real-life practical care situations.

Logo of Project SANDRo 2
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Reference: E*115299 SANDRo2
  • Topics: assistive services.

Flag of the European Union

This project receive funding from the the Eurostars Secretariat in Brussels under the Eureka programme, and the “CDTI-Eurostars Interempresas Internacional”

Robot used in the project: