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Close up of PAL Robotics gripper on TIAGo's arm for use with the Advanced Grasping software


The Advanced Grasping software offers a modular, customizable framework for TIAGo and TIAGo++, compatible with PAL and Robotiq grippers. It integrates behaviour trees, MoveIt!, and computer vision for complex tasks across various scenarios.

What can it do?

Advanced Grasping effortlessly identifies objects by shape or color, offering intuitive actions for perception, grasping, and placement. Experience its capabilities through engaging demos, including stacking cubes and clearing tables with ease.

Customisable Frameword - Advanced Grasping premium software

Customizable Framework

Tailor grasping tasks to fit your research or application needs

Versatile Object Detection - Advanced Grasping premium software

Versatile object detection

Identify object based on shape and colour for diverse manipulation scenarios

Intuitive Task Creation - Advanced Grasping premium software

Intuitive task creation

Use behaviour trees and Moveit! for complex task planning

Real world application - Advanced Grasping premium software

Real-world applications

Test and implement your research in actual environment

How does it work?

Behaviour Tress- Advanced Grasping premium software

Behaviour trees

Advanced Grasping uses the popular concept of behaviour trees to create complex tasks from small actions.

Vision - Advanced Grasping premium software


The environment is represented by an Octomap. Graspable objects are recognised and localised in this environment.

Moveit! Advanced Grasping - premium software


Using Moveit! TIAGo will carefully plan movements in a cluttered environment to grasp and place the desired object.


Learn how to create your own applications with Advanced Grasping, and easily adapt TIAGo to your research needs. Implement your latest research directly as a behaviour tree action and test it in real environments.

The mobile manipulator TIAGo showcasing the advanced grasping premium software capabilities

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