TALOS, the advanced humanoid robot designed to boost your research


Your 1.75 meter pal in research

A walking biped robot capable of lifting objects up to 6 kg with one arm fully extended. It is completely configurable, thanks to being fully developed in ROS.

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Torque control

TALOS is fully torque-controllable thanks to the torque sensor feedback in all joints, which enables powerful sensing and multi-contact motions.
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EtherCAT Network

TALOS’ EtherCAT communication network allows to run control loops at 2 kHz, and up to 5 kHz, which enables TALOS to have highly reactive and dynamic motions.


6kg Payload per arm

TALOS has a payload of 6 Kg with each arm fully extended, as it was designed having in mind the use of heavy industrial tools. This enables our walking biped humanoid robot to effectively perform tasks in various environments such as the Factory of the Future.




Height 175 cm
Weight 95 kg
Arm Payload 6 Kg (arm stretched)
Battery autonomy 1,5h (walking) / 3h (stand-by)
Head and Gripper Fully customizable
Torque sensors Full Toque sensors feedback in all joints*
*Except head, wrists and grippers
OS Ubuntu LTS, Real Time OS



Simulation model available at: http://wiki.ros.org/Robots/TALOS


Speed your research with extra software: from Whole-Body Control to navigation, HRI skills or teleoperation.

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Whole Body Control

A controller written in the ros_control framework developed by PAL Robotics that allows the user to solve a problem consisting of tasks and constraints ordered by priority.


TALOS in action



TALOS - locomotion for humanoids in unknown envrionments
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The biped humanoid research robot TALOS holding a drill and a wrench
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Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know how to work closer with TALOS.

TALOS’ Torque control has a low latency of 2kHz.

We provide a state estimation from IMU+kinematics out-of-the-box, a system for fusing this odometry with additional external measurements should be tackled with an additional estimator out of the real-time ros_control loop. This would be safer for the whole body torque control that relies on the CoM estimation.

Via ros_control, you have access to the encoders, IMU, torque sensors at a joint level, Force/Torque sensors on the wrists and ankles and temperature sensors of the robots.

Yes, the URDF includes CoM position, mass and inertia tensors. This model has been extracted from the CAD and it was validated by the full body inverse dynamics and torque control on the walking biped robot.

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