Project ALMI Description:

With a rapidly ageing population, the world is facing a social care crisis. Without a step-change in social care provision, especially for older people, the increase in the budgets and resources allocated to social care will soon become unsustainable. To address these challenges, project ALMI (Ambient Assisted Living for Long-term Monitoring and Interaction Integration) was started, which focuses on the development of adaptation methods enabling assistive-care robots to cope with the uncertainty and disruptions unavoidable in a home environment.

In this case, PAL Robotics platform, TIAGo, will be developed into a broad range of social robotic solutions. TIAGo robot will use both its speech interaction for voice instructions and its object manipulation capabilities to help a user with mild motor and cognitive impairments in the daily activity of preparing a meal. The TIAGo robot will be adapted with the necessary manipulation capabilities and assurance evidence for the customized robotic arm, as well as environment monitoring capabilities to build and maintain a knowledge base of objects, etc.

  • Status: Completed

  • Topics: assisted living, ambient living

Robot used in the project: