Project overview

Project ALMI (Ambient Assisted Living for Long-term Monitoring and Interaction Integration) is addressing the challenges posed by an aging population and the resulting social care crisis. This project aims to develop adaptive methods for assistive-care robots, enabling them to handle the unpredictability of home environments. The goal is to create sustainable social care solutions by leveraging robotic technology.

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Our Role

PAL Robotics is instrumental in Project ALMI by enhancing our TIAGo platform into a comprehensive social robotic solution designed to assist older adults with mild motor and cognitive impairments.

Key responsibilities

  • Development of TIAGo: We adapted the TIAGo robot to assist users with daily activities, focusing on meal preparation.
  • Enhancement of Manipulation Capabilities: Equipped TIAGo with advanced manipulation capabilities and provided assurance for the customized robotic arm.
  • Speech Interaction and Object Manipulation: Utilized TIAGo’s speech interaction for voice instructions and its object manipulation abilities to effectively aid users.
  • Environment Monitoring: Integrated monitoring capabilities to build and maintain a knowledge base of household objects, ensuring seamless interaction and assistance.