Project description

As robots are entering unstructured environments with a large variety of tasks, they will need to quickly acquire new abilities to solve them. Humans do so very effectively through a variety of methods of knowledge transfer – demonstration, verbal explanation, writing, the Internet.

In robotics, enabling the transfer of skills and software between robots, tasks, research groups, and application domains will be a game changer for scaling up the robot abilities.

European ROBotics and AI Network (euROBIN) therefore proposes a threefold strategy: First, leading experts from the European robotics and AI research community will tackle the questions of transferability in main scientific areas. Second, the relevance of the scientific outcomes will be demonstrated in application domains that promise to have substantial impact on industry, innovation, and civil society in Europe.

Finally, euROBIN will create a sustainable network of excellence to foster exchange and inclusion. Software, data and knowledge will be exchanged over the EuroCore repository, designed to become a central platform for robotics in Europe.

The vision of euROBIN is a European ecosystem of robots that share their data and knowledge and exploit their diversity to jointly learn to perform the endless variety of tasks in human environments.

PAL Robotics will participate with their TIAGo OMNI++ robot and will focus on a scenario “Personal Robots for Enhanced Quality of Life and Well-Being”.

This project has been funded by the European Union

Robot used in the project: