Project overview

The euROBIN project focuses on enhancing robot capabilities through knowledge transfer methods like demonstration and digital communication. It aims to enable robots to acquire new skills rapidly across diverse applications, scaling up their abilities significantly. The project involves a strong network of European experts and technologies aiming to create an ecosystem where robots share and learn from each other.

11.49 M
project funding
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countries involved

Our Role

In the euROBIN project, PAL Robotics deploys the TIAGo OMNI++ robot in scenarios focused on personal robots enhancing quality of life and well-being. This initiative demonstrates the robot’s application in personal assistance and support tasks, highlighting the project’s goal of improving human-robot interaction through innovative knowledge sharing and learning capabilities within the European robotics ecosystem.

Key responsibilities

  • Participating in the euROBIN project with the TIAGo OMNI++ robot.
  • Focusing on the scenario “Personal Robots for Enhanced Quality of Life and Well-Being.”
  • Contributing to enabling the transfer of skills and software between robots.
  • Supporting the project’s vision of a European ecosystem of robots sharing data and knowledge for enhanced performance in human environments.