Project description

The Secure Collaborative Intelligent Industrial Assets (SeCoIIA) project, aims to ensure the digital transition of the manufacturing industry towards more flexible, connected and automated production techniques. This will foster user-driven applications from the aeronautics, automotive and naval construction sectors.

The collaboration is considered O2O, which means that it is from organization to organization, however, it can also be M2M, machine to machine or H2H, or human to human. The aim is also to be able to enhance the monitoring process, the optimization and control that is achieved by the intelligent use of digital twin technology such as Industrial IoT, Cloud manufacturing (CMfg), collaborative robotics and industrial AI. The collaborative approach has triggered a virtuous cycle of growth and innovation that causes the risk of the entire value chain, from large to small players, and all this has been the result of the collaborative approach.

From PAL Robotics’ side, we will strive to support the drilling and riveting work human workers do by testing and validating three TIAGO robots for the AIRBUS facilities. Consequently, this will lead to the task of developing an algorithm for early warning on deviation of human-machine on the shop floor. This will be possible by implementing collaborative control and shared autonomy strategies between human and co-robots.

Logo of Project Secure Collaborative Intelligent Industrial Assets (SeCoIIA)
  • Status: Completed

  • Reference: H2020-ICT-2019-2
  • Topics: Security and resistance for collaborative manufacturing environments.

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SeCoIIA receives funding from the European Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 871967.