The Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) TIAGo Base by PAL Robotics

TIAGo Base AMRs:
bringing more flexibility to manufacturing

In this paper we compare newer AMRs to traditional AGVs, as well as explaining AMR technology, safety and how AMRs work in practice, through a specific AMR use case, at a car manufacturing plant. The following is a summary of the contents of this Whitepaper:
  • AGVs versus AMRs: some of the key differences in navigation, deployment, responsiveness, accessibility.
  • Adopting mobile robots (AMRs): important factors to consider when implementing new robotic systems.
  • Challenges for mobile robots (AMRs): most of these challenges are related to finding the right AMR structure to meet company needs.
  • AMR safety: specific mechanisms, such as laser sensors and vision cameras monitor the path the AMRs follow.
  • AMR use case: a car manufacturing plant: a recent example of a successful AMR use case.
  • The future of AMRs: including ongoing advances in artificial intelligence and predictions connected to this.