Meet us at the ERF 2022: Europe’s most influential robotics event

Banner of the European Robotics Forum 2022 with ARI robot

EuRobotics: boosting robotics research, development, and innovation

We are really excited to be participating in the 13th edition of the European Robotics Forum (ERF), as platinum sponsors, from 28-30 June in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The ERF brings together engineers, academics, entrepreneurs, investors, end-users, and policymakers in the field of robotics from across Europe and beyond, covering all aspects related to the field of robotics. At PAL Robotics we take part in the ERF every year, read on to find out more about this key event and our plans for this year. 

This year’s overall event theme focuses on sustainability, including: How robotics could impact climate change and sustainable education. As well as an interactive workshop programme, the event includes keynotes on relevant topics and poster sessions with a focus on late-breaking results.

The European Robotics Forum is an initiative of euRobotics, together with a local co-host EuRobotics aisbl (Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif) a Brussels-based international non-profit organization that represents all stakeholders in European robotics. 

The objective of this association is to boost European robotics research, development, and innovation, thereby strengthening Europe’s competitiveness and ensuring the excellence of the European robotics science base.

Hosting Workshops, including Humanoid & Legged robots: future expectations

At this year’s European Robotics Forum, the team at PAL Robotics is organising the following three workshops: 

Humanoid & Legged robots: future expectations 

PAL Robotics’ CEO Francesco Ferro, will discuss the latest developments in humanoid and legged robots, versus future expectations, focusing on legged robots for different purposes, such as research and education (including TALOS, Kangaroo, and SOLO 12), and progress in this field.

Have you ever touched a robot? Try it out!

This interactive session organised by our Business Manager Carlos Vivas provides a hands-on experience for those who have never touched a robot before, offering the attendees the opportunity to interact with robots from different manufacturers, providing a fast training to remove the barriers when it comes to using robots with no tech background.

AI and robotics in agri-food: the present and the future

This workshop held by Gizem Bozdemir, a member of the collaborative projects team, aims to portray the current challenges and initiatives by gathering experts in robotics and agri-food, so that both can share their perspectives, and includes a panel discussion.

Take a look at the full event programme to find out more about these workshops. 

 Our robots at the ERF 2022, including TIAGo, TIAGo OMNI Base and ARI

Our mobile manipulator TIAGo++, as well as our intralogistics solutions TIAGo OMNI Base, TIAGo Base: Cobra & Conveyor, and ARI, our humanoid social robot, will be taking part at this year’s European Robotics Forum. You will be able to meet our robots in person at our booth and watch live demonstrations. There will also be the opportunity to learn more about some of the collaborative projects the robots participate in. 

European projects featuring at the event

Since our establishment in 2004, we have been involved in numerous projects in the public and private sectors, to boost R&D and drive forward development in robotics.

At PAL Robotics we take part in several collaborative European (EU) projects, some of which we will share during the event. Here are the EU projects we are involved in that we will feature at this year’s ERF event:

  • CANOPIES: The goal is to develop a novel collaborative human-robot paradigm addressing the challenges of Human-Robot Interaction and Human-Robot Collaboration in crop farming (Agri-Food Area).


  • Evolved 5G: The project aims to contribute toward the fourth industrial revolution and/or Industry 4.0. Our AI-driven humanoid robot TIAGo is used in this work.


  • OpenDR: The main goal of the Open DR project is in harnessing deep learning to provide advanced perception and cognition abilities in robotics. 


  • SCAFo: The main objective of this project is to facilitate the introduction of a fleet of AMRs based on developments to the established TIAGo Base robot model to perform transportation tasks in the food processing industry.


  • SPRING:  The goal is to develop Socially Assistive Robots with the ability to perform multi-person interactions and have an open and extensive dialogue.


  • SHAPES: Aims to create the first EU open Ecosystem enabling the large-scale deployment of a broad range of digital solutions for supporting healthy and independent living for older individuals who are facing reduced capabilities.


We hope to meet you at the ERF – join the conversation and hear more about some of our latest robotics developments in our workshops!  We look forward to seeing you at the AHOY Center from 28-30 June, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 

Let’s talk collaboration! If you would like to book a meeting with us don’t hesitate to get in touch. To learn more about our work and research, visit our blog!


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