Automatica 2023: Unlocking the potential of service robotics – Our highlights

PAL Robotics' solutions at automatica 2023: the mobile manipulator TIAGo, the AI social robot ARI, the humanoid legged robot Kangaroo, and the inventory-tracking and data collection solution StockBot.

The PAL Robotics team recently took part in Automatica 2023, one of the leading exhibitions for smart automation and robotics worldwide that takes place each year in Germany, and is attended by major players in robotics and automation across the globe. We had the chance to demonstrate some of our latest developments in particular for industry, and let visitors try our solutions for themselves, in an effort to help them choose the best fit in service robotics for their organisation. This blog highlights the results of the teams’ hard work – featured at the robotics conference, and active involvement in IFR, The International Federation of Robotics – a professional non-profit organisation at the forefront of promoting, strengthening and protecting the robotics industry worldwide.

PAL Robotics has taken part in Automatica for a number of years, both to meet with current partners, as well as establish new partnerships to drive progress in the field of robotics. 

Automatica is one of the leading exhibitions for smart automation and robotics and covers the value chain: from components to systems, from services to applications—across all manufacturing sectors. The event brings together key technologies in Munich, Germany in an exhibition space of 16 halls (with 40,000 visitors and 650 exhibitors) and is a meeting point for exchange between industrial, research, and political representatives. 

Some of the main topics of this year’s event were:

  • Robotics for automation of dull and monotonous work
  • Building sustainable operations
  • and the impact and future potential of AI

In addition, there was a supporting programme featuring forums and special shows.

PAL Robotics' team at automatica 2023

Interactive demos and robot showcase: unveiling robots to improve operations in your business 

PAL Robotics’ booth at Automatica 2023 provided an interactive platform for demonstrating our cutting-edge technological breakthroughs. At the exhibition, our team presented a diverse lineup of state-of-the-art robots, including:

  • TIAGo Pro –  our newest robot demonstrated to visitors the compliance of the arms using gravity compensation (visitors were able to move the arms around), as well as impedance control. Moreover, the mobile manipulator captivated attendees with its expressive eyes and facial expressions. Read more about the robot in the announcement of our latest generation mobile manipulator TIAGo Pro.
  • ARan our latest AMR demonstrated indoor delivery applications. ARan is an AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) able to carry payloads of up to 150kg in any indoor environment. The robot has a wide 245º Field of View (FoV) LiDAR and two RGB-D cameras to obtain 3D environment perception. Designed for industry, ARan has state-of-the-art software and sensors for a range of applications.
  • TIAGo OMNI Base – was driven by visitors at the event via the joystick. The robot is an omnidirectional AMR with mecanum wheels that moves in all directions with ease: the base provides precision positioning even in constrained environments, and is suitable for applications in both industry and research.
  • ARI – visitors were greeted and treated to an impressive display of various applications by the social humanoid robot, including facial recognition, multilingual speech capabilities, and interactive expressions, as well as gestures and motions.
  • TIAGo Base Conveyoran AMR designed to enhance logistics, cut down costs, and boost efficiency and productivity. The robot is available with various configurations for applications in industry, healthcare, or hospitality, including a conveyor add-on. 
  • StockBota retail robot (RFID or Vision technologies) that automates daily inventory tracking and data collection. Our solution is the most mature in the inventory tracking solutions market, and is ready to use with a single set up.

automatica 2023 and PAL Robotics' robots

IFR: Francesco Ferro chairs IFR committee meeting including innovation and highlights in service robotics

The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) is a professional non-profit organisation established in 1987 to promote, strengthen and protect the robotics industry worldwide. The purpose of the International Federation of Robotics is to promote research, development, use and international co-operation in

PAL Robotics' CEO Francesco Ferro meeting with IFR representatives at automatica 2023 in Munich

 the field of robotics, both industrial automated robots and service robots.

During Automatica 2023 – IFR gatherings included a committee meeting in Service Robotics, chaired by PAL Robotics’ CEO, Francesco Ferro. The meeting focussed on current highlights in Service Robotics, technology trends and initiatives, and upcoming events. 

Participants in the meeting included Susanne Bieller, General Secretary at the International Federation of Robotics; Thierry Delmas, Managing Director at Kivnon; Francesco Ferro, CEO at PAL Robotics & Chair of “Service Robotics Committee” IFR; Urko Esnaola PhD, Robotics & AI Manager at TECNALIA Research & Innovation; and Salvador Giro, President at AER Automation.

Collaborative projects: showing a range of partnerships to enhance service robotics development

During the robotics conference, we presented various collaborative projects that PAL Robotics is involved in, introducing them to workshop attendees and booth visitors. These projects, several of which fall under the scope of Horizon Europe, play a vital role in advancing new applications of robotics and improving our robots’ abilities to meet these new demands.

  • PILLAR-ROBOTS – aims at developing a new generation of robots endowed with a higher level of autonomy with demonstrators in agri-food, edutainment, and unstructured industrial/retail environments.
  • AGIMUS – aims to deliver open-source breakthrough innovation in AI-powered agile production, introducing solutions that push the limits of perception, planning, and control in robotics, with industrial pilots across Europe.
  • CANOPIES – the first attempt to introduce a collaborative prototype in precision agriculture for permanent crops, with the aim that farm workers can work together with teams of robots to perform harvesting or pruning in table-grape vineyards. 
  • SPRING – works on the adaptation of Socially Assistive Robots, with the ability to perform multi-person interactions in different user-cases in a hospital environment.
  • SHAPES –  supports the deployment of digital solutions to support healthy and independent living for older individuals in homes and residential homes.

We would like to thank the Automatica 2023 organisers and everyone we had the chance to meet for what was a great event! We look forward to seeing you all at Automatica 2024! To find out more about PAL Robotics visit our website and stay updated about PAL Robotics’ work and research with our blog.

Let’s work together!

If you’re searching for cutting-edge robotic solutions to improve your business operations, or even a tailor-made solution for your company, don’t hesitate to ask us more – we are passionate about innovation, and we are always looking for new opportunities to work with others! Contact us today to find out more.

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