Project description

PILLAR-Robots aims at developing a new generation of robots endowed with a higher level of autonomy, that are able to determine their own goals and establish their own strategies. The project will operationalize the concept of Purpose, to increase the autonomy and domain independence of robots during autonomous learning and, lead them to acquire knowledge and skills relevant for operating in real applications. 

In particular, the project will develop algorithms for the acquisition of purpose by the robot, ways to bias the perceptual, motivational and decision systems of the robots’ cognitive architectures towards purposes, and strategies for learning representations, skills and models that allow the execution of purpose-related deliberative and reactive decision processes. PILLAR-Robots will implement and validate demonstrators within three different application fields: agri-food, edutainment, and unstructured industrial/retail environments. PAL Robotics’ TIAGo and TIAGo++ robots will take part in these use cases.

Logo of the European Project PILLAR-Robots
This project has been funded by the European Union

Robot used in the project: