Project overview

The PILLAR-Robots project aims to develop a new generation of robots with increased autonomy, capable of determining their own goals and strategies. Operationalizing the concept of Purpose, the project aims to enhance robot autonomy and domain independence during autonomous learning, enabling them to acquire knowledge and skills relevant for real-world applications.

4.99 M
project funding
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Our Role

In the PILLAR-Robots project, PAL Robotics is using TIAGo and TIAGo++ robots to demonstrate new robotic capabilities in different sectors. These robots are part of experiments that test how robots can learn and make decisions independently in practical situations. This work helps push forward the technology in making robots more autonomous and capable in real-world applications.

Key responsibilities

  • Using TIAGo and TIAGo++ robots in agri-food, edutainment, and industrial/retail environments.
  • Developing algorithms for the acquisition of purpose by robots.
  • Implementing strategies for biasing perceptual, motivational, and decision systems towards purposes.
  • Contributing to the development of purpose-related decision processes for increased autonomy and domain independence in robots.