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PAL Robotics at ICT 2018

Meet PAL Robotics at the ICT 2018 Conference held in Vienna (Austria) from the 4th to the 6th of December. ICT 2018 is the highlighted conference for discussing how companies and institutions can push the digital transformation of Europe, and put in common perspectives and interests.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence have a decisive role in this process. Service robots can contribute to many challenges that society is facing, from the aging population to labor risks, and can broadly increase the efficiency in Industry by creating new routines that optimize resources and save time.

Would you like to talk about possible projects or collaborations with us? Find PAL Robotics at the ICT 2018 Exhibition (“Humanoids for the Future” stand; located at X4) and also at the Face2Face Brokerage. We will share our experience in the diverse European Projects we are involved in, through which we aim to push robotics progress in areas like Assisted Living, Industry 4.0 and Factory of the Future, Artificial Intelligence, IoT or Smart Cities.

Future application of social robots to smart cities

Humanoids for the future, at ICT 2018

Our humanoids REEM-C and ARI, the mobile manipulator TIAGo, and the smart base for automating intralogistics, TIAGo Base, are traveling to Vienna to show some of the applications developed through three of the diverse projects in which we participate:


Co4Robots’ purpose is to create a multi-robot system that is able to interconnect and control diverse robots in an environment that is constantly changing. Those developments are valuable for both industrial and domestic environments and are actually applicable to many more contexts.

Imagine people with mobility issues that can count on the support of a TIAGo at home or at the hospital. Or think about supply chains where robots can lend a helping hand to safely transport goods around. This Co4Robots application is certainly opening a world of possibilities in enabling collaborative robots to effectively cooperate with us.

  • Our robots REEM-C, TIAGo, and TIAGo Base at ICT 2018


EUROBENCH is the first project with the mission of creating the first benchmarking procedure in robotics worldwide, specifically in humanoid biped robots, exoskeletons and prostheses. This project will set common criteria to evaluate bipedal platforms and prototypes and compare them with the state of the art.

PAL Robotics’ REEM-C robot is the standard robotic platform for the evaluation of humanoid bipedal technologies and will be set at the testing facility. Its flexibility, wide mobility, reliable locomotion, and modularity, combined with its open-source ROS-based software, turns REEM-C a suitable open platform to test algorithms of all kinds.

  • SocSMCs

SocSMCs is focused on studying socially relevant action-effect contingencies in human-human and human-robot interaction scenarios. With the goal of achieving a robotics technology that is socially competent, PAL Robotics’ humanoid robot REEM-C is used for some tests.

If you think we can start a new project or collaboration together, or if you need a robotics provider for your project, we will be glad to discuss it. Let’s meet at ICT 2018!

If you would like to know more, subscribe to our blog about robotics and technology. For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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