The state of art of biped robots, at Humanoids 2018

The humanoid robot REEM-C with two hands

Humanoid Robots for Real Applications Use

Tomorrow, the Humanoids 2018 Conference starts in Beijing (China), the major conference specialized in humanoid robotics. For a week, the most relevant experts in the field will share the latest advances and open the debates that such kind of robots arise. PAL Robotics’ CEO, Francesco Ferro, will provide the company’s expertise and latest progress in two workshops.

The hand gripper of the TALOS humanoid robot

This workshop will analyse how humanoid robotics can go out of the lab to start accomplishing diverse kinds of tasks. How are the humanoid developers facing these challenges? How to build reliable and safe humanoid robots? Which are the challenges left to face to speed up the integration of humanoids that can help us in multiple ways?

PAL Robotics has been invited as Humanoid robot providers and will give a talk about the applications for which our humanoid robots are being used: from TALOS innovative skills that are being developed for  Industry 4.0 to REEM-C, a biped robot used in projects that prepare the robot for a wide range of use cases, or REEM, which has a wide trajectory assisting in events and as a dynamic information point in public spaces.

  • PAL Robotics’ talk: “Use cases and applications for humanoids robots” – 6th November, 11:30am-12pm.
  • Find the full workshop schedule here!

Humanoid Robotics: Dead-end or Bright Future?

The two humanoid robots REEM and REEM-C shaking hands

Why humanoid robots make sense is the topic at the center of the discussion of this workshop. PAL Robotics will take part of the debate, and share the latest advances we made with our humanoid platforms, altogether with a glimpse over the challenges that we faced when designing and building humanoid robots since 2004 up until the development of our latest biped, TALOS.

PAL Robotics’ humanoid robots are currently used in the service and entertainment industries, as well as for research in the fields of collaborative robotics for Industry, Assisted Living and also Smart Cities. A special highlight will be put on TALOS since the torque-controlled robot integrates ground-breaking technology that opens a new scope of applications for humanoid robots.

  • PAL Robotics’ talk: “Progress achieved in humanoid robotics and future challenges” – 6th November – Meeting Room 3.

Looking forward to seeing you in Humanoids, Beijing!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any question you might have and check out blog on the work of PAL Robotics!

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