PAL Robotics at the Internet of Things 2024

PAL Robotics at the Internet of Things 2024

We had the great opportunity of exhibiting at the IOT Solutions World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, an important event for the robotics, AI, and IoT community. The conference brought together professionals from various fields and industries to explore how IoT, AI, robotics, and technology converge to transform business and operations.

With over 10,000 attendees, 377 exhibitors and 250 speakers from more than a 100 countries, the event featured keynotes, innovation labs, startup hubs, and various tours, making it a crucial platform for discovering the latest trends and technologies in robotics, IoT, and automation.

Our participation

At the IOT Solutions World Congress 2024, PAL Robotics had the chance to engage with key partners and customers, including industry leaders like Decathlon. Our booth was a hub of activity where visitors could see the live demonstrations of StockBot in action.

StockBot’s Live Demo

Core of our participation was the testbed of our RFID autonomous solution, StockBot. Our booth featured a live demonstration of the robot in a mock-up store scenario. Visitors could witness and activate the robot to see how StockBot autonomously navigates, detects RFID tags, and displays inventory counting as well as collected data on the screen. The demonstration illustrated the robot’s capabilities in automating daily inventory tracking, improving operational efficiency and accuracy.

Continuously developed since 2014, StockBot combines RFID technology and robotics to provide retailers and businesses with a tool for more efficient inventory management and retail operations. Active in retail stores (clothes, perfumes, beauty stores, bookstore and so forth), data centres, warehouses, and industries, StockBot’s goal is to automate inventory and provide accurate analysis for data-driven strategic decisions. The testbed highlighted our RFID solution capabilities:

  • Automated Inventory Management
    Use autonomous navigation and precise item scanning to minimise errors, reduce downtime, and cut costs effectively.
  • Precise Stock Tracking
    Ensure accurate location and identification of items along with their stock levels.
  • Comprehensive Item Detection and Data Collection
    Gather detailed information on product locations, movements, and characteristics to optimise store layouts, improve planogram compliance, and facilitate data-driven decisions.
  • Creation of Money Maps
    Leverage StockBot’s data to generate accurate money maps, identifying the most profitable areas in your store.
  • Improved Customer Experience
    Maintain precise stock levels and item availability to reduce waiting times, enhance client satisfaction, and boost customer loyalty.
  • Optimised Click & Collect for E-commerce
    Streamline the fulfilment process to meet the increasing demands of online shopping efficiently.
  • Seamless Data Integration and Connectivity
    Integrate data effortlessly into any ERP system and ensure rapid transmission of inventory counts and scans with StockBot’s WiFi 6 connectivity.
PAL Robotics' testbed and booth at the IOT Solutions World Congress 2024 in Barcelona with the RFID inventory solution StockBot, the omnidirectional AMR TIAGo OMNI Base and the mobile base ARan.

Activities and our other solutions at the IOT 2024

We had the pleasure of assisting the keynote session by Hervé d’Halluin about the Decathlon RFID project and its implementation across their global supply chain. The session illustrated the impact of RFID technology on retail and logistics for a globally present retailer such as Decathlon, highlighting the key role played by Rain RFID tags in their strategy for stores and warehouses. In addition to StockBot, we showcased other solutions for retail and business at our booth, including:

  • TIAGo OMNI Base: our omnidirectional base is an autonomous mobile base developed to automate indoor deliveries and the transportation of goods between different locations to support operations
  • ARan: our base developed with improved suspensions and humidity tolerance to work in harsher indoor conditions for optimised indoor delivery and transport
  • ARI: our social robot embedded with AI is designed to attract customers, receive them, and enhance their shopping experience
The AI social robot for entertainment ARI at the IOT Solutions Wolrd Congress 2024 in Barcelona at PAL Robotics' booth

It was a great experience to participate in the IOT Solutions World Congress 2024 and to have the chance to display StockBot in our booth. Thank you for visiting us at IOT Solutions World Congress 2024! We’re excited about the future of robotics and automation. For more information or to book a demo, please visit our website or contact our team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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