Industry 4.0 is the trend at GREX

Innovation at the Global Robot Expo (GREX)

Innovation has landed in Madrid! Global Robot Expo (GREX) starts today and will be in IFEMA until Friday. The large pavilion is filled with all kinds of robotics, from collaborative and service robotics to 3D-printed components or domotics.

One of the fair’s highlights is Industry 4.0, the upcoming revolution in industry that adds cyber-physical systems – like robots – in assembly chains. PAL Robotics travelled to Madrid with the robotic solutions designed to assist in this new scenarios: TIAGo, TIAGo Base and StockBot. Find us at stands 109-110!

TIAGo robot with a gripper for manipulation


PAL Robotics CEO Keynote at GREX: cobots in Industry

PAL Robotics’ CEO, Francesco Ferro, is giving a keynote at GREX on “Industry 4.0 with collaborative and service robotics”. After more than 14 years developing reliable humanoid robots, at PAL Robotics we leveraged that know-how to design robots that can safely improve industrial processes.

Over there Mr. Ferro will explain how our solutions make a difference in several industrial scenarios. He will give insights of the humanoid and high-performance biped TALOS, and also of TIAGo, StockBot and TIAGo Base. Save the date! Come tomorrow at 12:30h at the GREX Industry 4.0 Area.

The retail robot StockBot seen from one side


Which PAL robots can you meet at GREX?

Join our cobot TIAGo at Global Robot Expo! TIAGo is showing its skills in manipulation, perception, navigation and Human-Robot Interaction with some demos that attendees themselves can try. One example is an easy way to program the robot even if the person doesn’t have programming skills. TIAGo can be taught how to perform new movements by simply guiding its hand.

The autonomous intelligent TIAGo base for courier is also at GREX, as well as StockBot, the platform that provides a complete picture of what is inside a store or a warehouse. StockBot is provided with safe autonomous navigation that enables it to work autonomously, and uses RFID combined with vision cameras to exhaustively detect and locate all items in a given space.

If you want to follow more our work and research, don’t miss out our blog on robotics science and don’t hesitate to contact us for any question!



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