Industry 4.0 event Hannover Messe Digital Days and our robots for industry

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The Hannover Messe Digital Days event

Hannover Messe is an important event for industrial robotics and industry 4.0 internationally, and PAL Robotics is delighted to have signed up to participate. However, due to current events Hannover Messe 2020 will take place digitally, and the live event that was planned for this year will instead take place in 2021 in Hannover, Germany. Hannover Messe Digital Days 2020 is a free digital event, covering topics such as Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Smart Energy and Logistics 4.0, and runs from 14 to 15 July 2020. 

The virtual two-day event, ‘Hannover Messe Digital Days’ is a so-called ‘hot spot for industrial transformation’ that will focus this year on keynotes, product innovations, matchmaking and live chats. The event is expecting around 200 speakers and 100 partners over two days. 

The international industry community and speakers from industry, energy and logistics will focus on discussions on helping to meet the challenges of industrial transformation. One of the main highlights is the presentation of the Hermes Award, and for the first time, this internationally coveted technology prize will be awarded digitally.

The event includes an AI panel, discussions on female leadership, digitization and diversity. You can find the full event programme and sign up for the event here.

PAL Robotics demonstrations of TIAGo Base in industry

At the live Hannover Messe event, PAL Robotics originally planned to showcase our indoor delivery robot, TIAGo Base and the impact it has on efficiency in an intralogistics environment. This demonstration includes the different possible configurations available for TIAGo Base to meet customer and industry needs

As the live event was postponed, here is a preview of a similar demonstration recorded at a recent event:


In more detail, in this video, TIAGo Base (with the Conveyor configuration) demonstrates the following: 

  • A command is given to the robot to start the tasks
  • Our AMR (autonomous mobile robot) is compatible with other robots, for example here  you can see a UR5e robotic arm taking an object and placing it in a box on top of the TIAGo Base Conveyor robot
  • Once this action is complete, TIAGo Base moves from the first waypoint to the second waypoint
  • When arriving at its destination, the TIAGo Base Conveyor starts working in order to deliver the box
  • Finally, the robot automatically makes its way back to the initial waypoint
  • At all times, the autonomous robot easily moves around obstacles in its path.

Our range of TIAGo Base robot configurations

TIAGo Base robot family with all the possible configurations for the event Hannover Messe 2020

PAL Robotics has a range of configurations that fit on top of the TIAGo Base robot – including the TIAGo Base Conveyor, Safety Box and Lifter. Customers can easily switch between different solutions to meet their changing needs, or even use a number of TIAGo Base robots with different customizations in collaboration. 

Our TIAGo Base robot is also compatible with configurations made by third parties, here is an example:

TIAGo Base transporting the robot ABB

Our collaborative projects in industry

As well as developing robots for industry, we are also project partners in various European research projects focussed on industrial robotics, including research projects aimed at developing new systems and pioneering safety procedures. Here are a couple of these collaborative projects we take part in:


The goal of the Co4Robots project was to build a framework that supervises and coordinates multiple robots with different capabilities working together to accomplish tasks, in collaboration with humans. This includes object handling/transportation, and pickup and delivery operations. The aim of this project which was recently completed, was to address the challenge of how diverse robots will work together. TIAGo Base was one of the robots used in this project.


The RobMoSys project is coordinating efforts to build an open, sustainable, and multi-domain European robotics software ecosystem. The aim of this project is to increase quality and scalability of robotics software development, as well as standardize base functionality, such as motion control, navigation and software components. PAL Robotics is integrating our robot TIAGo here for pilots in manufacturing and domestic environments.

We hope you can join the free Hannover Messe Digital Days event on the 14th and 15th of July. Visit our events webpage to find out more, or the official Hannover Messe event page to sign up. To find out more about PAL Robotics and our TIAGo Base robots, take a look at our blog on robotics and don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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