Web User Interface: freedom of creation for robot behaviours

Robot ARI and TIAGo, and the web user interface

Would you like to take full advantage of robotics in your business? Would you like your team to manage a robot on a daily basis without the help of engineers? There are many benefits of introducing robotics into your business, and getting started is easier than you think, even without expert technical knowledge. Read on to find out more about our Web User Interface – an easy-to-use tool and how to get started using it.

What is the Web User Interface and what are its benefits?

The gap that exists between non-engineering robotics users and service robotics engineers still makes some robotics functions inaccessible for many. So at PAL Robotics we aim to create all the necessary tools to bridge that gap. As a result we developed a software that we call a Web User Interface. It is a set of user-friendly web applications that help you to adapt robots to your needs, manage and control them without additional efforts.

The Web User Interface was designed to allow users to create desired robot behaviour without specific engineering knowledge.

Some of the key benefits:

  1. You don’t need to install anything, access the Web User Interface directly from a browser as you do with other websites.
  2. There’s no need to get too technical. The design was created for different user profiles and uses the most common UI elements and interactions.
  3. Connect to your robot from any device. The interface is adaptable for different screen sizes so you can continue work with your robot when you are far away from your desktop.
  4. The Web Interface is modular. Get just the application pack you need.

The Web User Interface and how to use it

The Web User Interface includes a variety of applications designed for multiple use cases. From intuitive and efficient navigation to visual programming, task management, and real-time control of the robot’s status. In the case of social robotics, the web interface enables the creation of custom robot behaviours to adapt the robot to different use cases.

If you are still wondering what exactly you can do with our web applications, let’s see some inspiring examples.

Bring multimedia relevant to your brand to the robot screen

Our social robot ARI is a good example of a platform to use customisation features provided by the Web User Interface. Enhance the user experience of your customers by allowing them to interact with the robot through the touchscreen.

Web application “Touchscreen Manager” comes up with pre-designed templates to choose from, so you can create your own interactive pages and present them on ARI’s screen. There is also an option to upload  custom web content developed by your team.

Touchscreen manager web app

Add a logo, custom colours, texts, make ARI move and speak and convert the robot into a main point of interest at your event!

Make your robot body move

Movements are a crucial part of robotics advancements. Would you like your robot to greet, point out directions or even dance? Only motor joint limits will restrict your imagination. To make the robot move use the “Motion Builder”. Move visual sliders in real time setting the desired position and see how the robot reproduces movements. Save the sequence and play it instantly or include that movement in a presentation!

Motion Builder web app

Prepare the robot to present your product

Would you like your robot to explain something about your product? Or participate in an event as a presenter? For this use case, build a presentation by simply dragging & dropping visual blocks that allow you to mix robot’s text-to-speech, movements, screen content and LED effects.

Use the freedom to create different types of  actions for the robot and play your presentation  whenever you choose.

Presentations web app

Which robots can be used with the Web User Interface applications?

When it comes to creative proposals, our social robots, ARI and TIAGo, stand out as the best options.

ARI is a high-performance robotic platform suitable for Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) that seamlessly integrates into diverse social and business environments spanning from events to essential service settings such as hospitals, airports, and institutions. TIAGo is a versatile mobile-manipulator robot, and is equally adept at engaging in social interactions.

The Web User Interface also includes applications for robotic sectors like retail, logistics, and research. It provides comprehensive and integrated solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity.

To find out more, get in touch!

Bringing service robotics more and more into people’s daily lives to help  improve people’s quality of life is one of our major priorities. The user-friendly Web User Interface is one more step to make robotics more accessible and adaptive for many different  kinds of use.

If you have  any feedback, ideas or questions, feel free to get in touch with us. Additionally we are open to build custom software solutions specifically tailored to your  project needs.  To find out more about PAL Robotics and all of our robotics solutions, visit our website

Post’s author: Karina Khodzhakulieva, UI/UX Engineer at PAL Robotics

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