TIAGo Industrial Project: A New Era in Industrial Robotics

The TIAGo Pro mobile manipulator by PAL Robotics, with a humanoid torso and a gripper arm, navigates a warehouse floor filled with pallets of packaged goods, embodying advanced industrial robotics technology, to describe the main idea of the TIAGo Industria project. Industrial robotics

PAL Robotics is excited to announce the launch of a new project, TIAGo Industrial, in which we will be taking the lead. Applying our knowledge in developing advanced robotic solutions, we are aiming to redefine industrial automation and collaborative robotics. Similar to our achievements in past projects, the goal of TIAGo Industrial to bring innovative changes to the industrial sector with industrial robotics.

The need of industrial robots

The TIAGo Industrial project was created from a pressing need for more sophisticated, user-friendly, and safety-oriented robots in today’s manufacturing and logistics industries. Thanks to our expertise in humanoid and service robots, we will be developing a robot that enhances not only the efficiency but also the safety of industrial operations.

TIAGo, the platform of choice for the project

The platform on which the TIAGo Industrial is based on, and as the name allows to predict, is our mobile manipulator TIAGo. Known for its adaptability and reliability, this platform is an excellent foundation for adapting to various industrial needs. We aim to upgrade the TIAGo platform with advanced AI and improved manipulative capabilities, alongside developing intuitive interfaces for easier human-robot interaction. These enhancements are crucial for making TIAGo Industrial a versatile tool for different industrial applications.


Early stages and future work of TIAGo Industrial

Our initial focus in the TIAGo Industrial project is to integrate smart AI technologies for autonomous decision-making and to enhance the robot’s sensory and handling abilities. In the upcoming months, we will be dedicated to intensive research and development. This work is necessary for ensuring that TIAGo can smoothly and safely interact with people in various industrial settings.

TIAGo Industrial is expected to be a game-changer within the Industry 4.0. Our goal is for this robot to not only make industrial processes more efficient, but also to set new benchmarks in human-robot collaboration. This transformation will ultimately revolutionize the way industries operate.

The start of the TIAGo Industrial project marks an important step forward in industrial robotics. We are not just developing another robot; we are helping to shape the future of how industries will operate, with a focus on productivity, safety, and adaptability.

At PAL Robotics we are partners in collaborative projects in healthcare and Ambient Assisted Living, as well as areas such as agri-food, smart cities, factories of the future, Artificial Intelligence, and Industry 4.0 and 5.0. For more information about PAL Robotics and our involvement in other collaborative projects, visit our website and if you have any questions, make sure you get in touch with us.

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