Project description

The TIAGo Industrial project focuses on leveraging Artificial Intelligence to enhance PAL Robotics’ mobile robot, TIAGo, for industrial applications. PAL Robotics plays a pivotal role in integrating AI technologies into TIAGo, making it adaptable to the dynamic needs of the industrial sector and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Global projections for the robotics market are optimistic, with a notable rise in industrial automation. In 2017, industrial robot sales increased significantly, responding to the growing demand for automation.

The project aligns with Industry 4.0, addressing the industry’s need for advanced technological solutions. The TIAGo Industrial project aims to meet the growing demand for robots, anticipating a significant increase.

The goal is to transition from prototypes to a fully functional and adaptable TIAGo for industrial applications under the TIAGo Industrial project.

  • Status: Ongoing
  • Reference: H2020-ICT-2020-2

  • Topics: Multi-Robot Systems, Precision Agriculture, Permanent Crops.

Funded by the European Union – Next Generation EU

Robot used in the project: