TIAGo Industrial

Project overview

The TIAGo Industrial project focuses on integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies into PAL Robotics' mobile robot, TIAGo, to enhance its capabilities for industrial applications. PAL Robotics plays a crucial role in ensuring TIAGo's adaptability to the dynamic needs of the industrial sector and compliance with safety regulations.

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TIAGo Industrial

Our Role

PAL Robotics plays a key role in the TIAGo Industrial project by integrating AI technologies into TIAGo, optimizing it for industrial applications. This involves improving the robot’s autonomous functions and ensuring the robot can operate safely and effectively in manufacturing environments. The goal is to make TIAGo a versatile tool in the industrial automation landscape.

Key responsibilities

  • Integrating AI technologies into TIAGo for industrial applications.
  • Ensuring TIAGo’s adaptability to dynamic industrial needs.
  • Addressing safety regulations to comply with industry standards.
  • Contributing to the transition of TIAGo from prototypes to a fully functional and adaptable robot for industrial use.