NRF 2024: the retail industry’s big show and PAL Robotics’ participation

NRF 2024 PAL Robotics

We were thrilled to exhibit at the NRF, a prominent gathering for retail. The team at PAL Robotics took part in the NRF 2024 – Retail’s Big Show in New York. The annual National Retailer Federation event for retailers, vendors, and industry experts provides a networking opportunity along with a large-scale exhibition, talks, innovation labs, and ideas sessions. We had the chance to meet up with our retail partners, take part in interviews, and show visitors live demos of StockBot in a mock-up store setting. Read more to find out about our event highlights.

The annual NRF event is attended by over 35,000 professionals representing over 6000 brands. It includes areas such as an Innovation Lab, Startup Hub, Retail Store Tours and Expo Tours, as well as keynotes and sessions led by industry experts.

PAL Robotics Meets with retail partners, customers, and Shoptalk

PAL Robotics had the chance at the event to engage with key partners, including IMPINJ, SML, Mojix, ITL, Nedap, Zebra, and Avery Dennison, and discuss our ongoing collaborations in developing technology for cutting-edge retail robotics. We also took the opportunity to meet with both current and new customers and partners, including Decathlon, to talk more about our work together to improve their business operations. 

In addition, we had the chance to take part in Shoptalks Snowcial event to connect with others in the industry.

PAL Robotics’ booth and RFID robot StockBot’s live demo in a mock-up store scenario

We welcomed retailers to our booth to talk retail solutions with our experts, who are experienced in working with organisations globally, to improve their in-store operations through the implementation of our robots for retail, particularly our RFID robot StockBot. 

PAL Robotics’ booth offered a live demonstration by StockBot. Attendees witnessed firsthand how StockBot seamlessly navigated and performed live demos in a mock-up store scenario, activated by visitors. Visitors could launch live demos of the robot, for StockBot to tour autonomously, detecting RFID tags, and see the robot’s vision on the booth screen, and following the robot’s return to the starting point, view the item positioning of each product RFID tag detected. The demonstration highlighted the practical application of robotics in tracking daily inventories and providing the data needed to improve efficiency and in-store operations.

PAL Robotics’ RFID robot StockBot for gathering in-store intelligence, locating your stock and improving operations

Our StockBot robot automates daily inventory tracking and provides data to inform decisions in stores and warehouses. Data includes access to applications such as out-of-stock situations and misplacements detection, money mapping and planogram. 

StockBot is the most mature solution in the inventory tracking solutions market and our team is working with some of the biggest retailer brands in order to ensure the solution keeps improving to be able to meet industry demands. The robot is deployed in Decathlon stores worldwide, you can read more about this in our StockBot Decathlon blog post.

Other robots for retail including social robots ARI and TIAGo Pro, and AMR TIAGo Base

PAL Robotics’ other solutions suitable for retail include TIAGo Base, the Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) for indoor deliveries, and social robots ARI and TIAGo Pro

Social robots are already present in retail to engage directly with customers, including providing information on products in the store, and making recommendations to customers for a personalised shopping experience, and robots ARI and TIAGo Pro are examples of robots with such capabilities. 

PAL Robotics extends its gratitude to the organisers of this year’s NRF event in New York for the opportunity to take part once again. We look forward to reconnecting with industry peers at NRF 2025. Until then, the future of retail robotics continues to evolve. See you at NRF 2025!

If you would like to learn more about our retail robot StockBot, or our other retail solutions, take a visit our website or our blog on research and robotics to read more. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts to ask more about StockBot’s capabilities for improving operations in your store, or to book a demo for your store. 

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