ERF: The annual date of the European robotics community is here again!

TIAGo and REEM-C at the ERF 2018

The European Robotics Forum 2018 opens

Let’s get ready for a snowy European Robotics Forum! This highlighted event in the calendar of every European roboticist keeps growing bigger year after year, just as the robotics sector does. And this year it is the turn of the Finnish city of Tampere to host the ERF2018.

PAL Robotics team will be travelling there as an ERF Bronze Sponsor altogether with TIAGo collaborative robot and the humanoid REEM-C robot. We look forward to meeting you there in the Tampere Talo exhibition hall during the coffee breaks in between the conferences!

Keep track of the ERF workshops agenda!

More than 50 workshops fill the ERF programme with expert voices of all areas in the field: from the latest technology advances, to new robotic applications that transform and push traditional sectors, to the European robotics business ecosystem evolution.

Here’s the PAL Robotics selection of must-attend workshops:

  • Teaching Robotics with ROS. [14/03 – 10:45-12:45h] The open source Robot Operating System opens robotics to anyone interested and puts high level developments accessible for everyone. We also push this from PAL Robotics, putting available all simulations free in ROS Wiki and resources like TIAGo Tutorials. This workshop analyses how is ROS being taught to students.
  • Packaging, Releasing and Maintaining software for robots. [15/03 – 16:15-17:45h] This workshop digs into how diverse solutions are made for Packaging, Releasing and Maintaining software for robots.
  • A.I., Automated Planning and Robotics: Going into the Wild. [14/03 – 10:45-12:45h] Researchers and practitioners are gathered to discuss about Planning and Scheduling in robotics: the applications for business that this field has, and how to meet the social needs to drive the next developments.
  • Modular Concepts for Assembly and Handling in Small Batch Production. [13/03 – 8:30-10h] All PAL Robotics’ platforms were carefully designed to be modular. This enabled us to reuse several parts for diverse platforms opening many possibilities in their applications. We are much aware of the importance of modularity both in software and hardware, which will be tackled in this workshop.
  • COVR – Shared Safety Facilities. [13/03 – 14-15:30h] Safety in robots is essential to to help industrial operators directly in their workspace, without needing any cage. Those advances are also highly useful when putting robots in other environments, such as homes. Find all the details of this workshop at the COVR Project’s webpage.

The ERL Awards Ceremony

The team with TIAGo

An exciting moment is also taking place at the ERF Gala Dinner: the European Robotics League Awards Ceremony! ERL final results will be announced – with a very special host – and a recognition will be awarded to the teams who scored best in the overall classification of this ERL season in the different categories. Best of luck to everyone!

In any case, whoever the “winner teams” are, it is outstanding the progress made by all teams to improve their robots performance, so we have to congratulate all of them from here! We witnessed these great efforts during the ERL Barcelona Local Tournament in the Service Robotics category, where every team shared with us how they felt when participating: remember it in this video!

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