ARI as a humanoid receptionist and visitor guide at global IT company Ayesa

Ayesa, a leader in global IT services, has started an innovative project at their Barcelona office by integrating ARI, our social humanoid receptionist robot. This case study outlines the challenges faced, the solutions ARI provides, and the anticipated future enhancements to further elevate the visitor experience.

The challenge

With a vision to transform their office into a dynamic space for showcasing technological advancements, Ayesa identified the need for a solution that could not only interact with visitors in a human-like manner but also integrate with existing digital infrastructures. The primary goals included enhancing the visitor welcome process, facilitating efficient tours, and providing an interactive showcase of Ayesa’s products and services.

Humanoid Receptionist Robot: The Solution Provided by ARI

ARI was selected for the robot’s advanced AI capabilities, humanoid design, and the potential for future updates. The robot’s implementation addressed several key areas:

  • Visitor Reception and Registration: As a humanoid receptionist robot, ARI optimizes the check-in process by scanning visitor QR codes, matching them with a pre-existing list, and alerting the relevant staff through a phone call about the visitor’s arrival. If the phone call does not go through, the staff member gets notified via email. This process ensures a personalized greeting for each visitor, alongside displaying a welcome message tailored to the individual’s purpose of visit.
  • Guided Showroom Tours: ARI leads visitors through Ayesa’s showroom, providing detailed presentations at various points of interest. This includes information about Ayesa’s projects, services, and the technological innovations that drive their success.
  • Interactive Engagement: Through the platform’s interactive screen, ARI engages visitors in games and activities during waiting periods, enhancing their experience. A satisfaction poll feature collects feedback directly from visitors, enabling Ayesa to continually refine their approach to customer service.

Technical Integration and Development

Successfully integrating ARI involved overcoming technical challenges such as navigating within a dynamic office environment and ensuring reliable interaction between the robot and the company’s IT systems. A key achievement was the development of a comprehensive dialogue and interaction framework, allowing ARI to conduct conversations and provide information in multiple languages (Spanish, Catalan, English, and soon Basque), making the experience as inclusive as possible.

Future developments aim to deepen ARI’s integration into the visitor experience and expand the robot’s role in providing interactive demonstrations of Ayesa’s technological solutions. The integration of ARI as a humanoid receptionist robot at Ayesa’s Barcelona office is more than just a technological innovation; it’s a pioneering step towards redefining human-robot interaction in professional settings. 

If you would like to learn more about PAL Robotics work and our social robot ARI, visit our website. To ask more about how the platform may be a fit in your organisation or for your research, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.  Remember to check our social media channels regularly to hear more about our latest news and research on ARI.

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