“Get started with ARI” in our free webinar

Who is the ARI webinar for?

Social Robot ARI is our newest humanoid social robot which was created in 2019. Our webinar “Get started with ARI” on Tuesday 27 April 2021 from 12pm-1pm (CEST), is an introduction on how to use social robot ARI. The free webinar with limited places includes:

  • A live demo: with our robot ARI for you to discover the robot’s key features including the touchscreen, docking station and how to control the robot from your phone app
  • Your questions answered in a Q&A session: including topics such as navigation, perception, and human interaction capabilities
  • Use case examples: how social robot ARI is being used in areas like healthcare and assisted living in the projects SPRING H2020 and SHAPES H2020
  • Free training materials: we’ll direct you to these materials during the “Getting started with ARI” webinar and also share them with you after the session.

During the live demo Sofia Battilana Pagés, Relationship and Events Manager, and Sara Cooper Amundarain, Robotics Software Engineer, will demonstrate robot ARI’s capabilities and share insights on using ARI.

Our live webinar on robot ARI, in which you’ll see how to get started with our social humanoid robot, is part of a webinar series that will continue throughout the year.

This webinar will help you understand more about using social robot ARI – whether you are interested in ARI for business, for research, or simply from a robotics perspective.

This session is for you regardless of your knowledge level! If you’re new to robotics here you will see the easiest ways to use ARI, get started and change behaviours through the web app.

If you are looking for a research platform, on the other hand, you can hear more on areas such as perception and navigation of the robot at the webinar.

Examples of where our social robot ARI is currently being used may help you identify any business or research needs of your own.

What will the webinar cover?

Here are just some of the areas that we will discuss:

  • Controlling ARI’s behaviour through the WEB GUI
  • Creating motions in ARI
  • Publishing content on ARI’s touchscreen
  • Charging ARI
  • Face recognition
  • AI development options in ARI
  • Navigation including SLAM and teleoperation
  • Perception and Human-Robot interaction

ARI user interfaces

Screenshot of the web GUI for the social robot ARI



PAL Robotics’ robot ARI is a high-performance social robot with human-like features that is focused on social interaction and social assistance. ARI is designed for a wide range of behaviours – including talking, movement, gestures and touchscreen interaction. Robot ARI consists of:

  • A mobile base
  • Torso with an integrated touchscreen
  • Two moveable arms
  • Head with expressive gaze
  • LCD eyes

From an AI perspective, ARI enables you to easily integrate your AI algorithms thanks to the robot’s unrivalled processing power, the robot also has the ability to generate data. In terms of research, robot ARI has capabilities in Human-Robot-Interaction, perception, cognition and navigation.

ARI social robot

Where is ARI used?

Use cases: As a social assistant robot in SHAPES and SPRING projects

As a social robot, ARI serves as a therapeutic assistant in hospitals and homes to increase user wellbeing and activity. An example is in the EU project SHAPES, we are a partner in, where robot ARI is supporting users in their homes as a home robot, as well as being used in sheltered apartments and care homes. Our social robot ARI has been adapted to be used with the smart digital platform being developed throughout the project, in order to help older users with aspects of day to day living, such as exercises, engaging them in social activities, and helping with additional tasks and reminders.

The SPRING EU-funded project with multiple partners is working on the adaptation of Socially Assistive Robots. During this project, PAL Robotics is designing and manufacturing seven adapted ARI robots to participate in use cases in a hospital environment. Examples of what ARI will do here include: welcoming visitors to the hospital waiting room, providing information to patients and acting as a guide to appointments. ARI also offers the option of facilitating calls to friends, family and caregivers.

Use cases: Smart City Expo World Congress

At the Smart City Expo World Congress robot ARI acted as an event guide, greeting and interacting with visitors, displaying information on the robot’s touch screen and directing visitors to different event locations. ARI is able to speak in up to 30 languages, answer questions and verbally interact, enable touchscreen interactions, and of course move around event spaces.

Read more about how to use ARI in your business in our blog. Our customers have considered or worked with ARI for other areas including:

  • Events and fairs
  • Reception
  • Airports
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • As an event avatar

How do I join the social robot ARI webinar?

To find out more about ARI, make sure you sign-up today for the free webinar “Get started with ARI” and save your place as spaces are limited. The webinar details are:

Tuesday 27 April 2021
12pm – 1pm CET (Central European Summer Time)
Sign up for the webinar

To find out more about PAL Robotics and ARI, visit our website and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to ask more about how to use ARI, ARI’s capacity for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how to tailor the platform to meet the needs of your business and customers, or your research.

Don’t miss any news or update by checking our blog on robotics and technology!

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