Advanced Factories 2022: 6th year of success and our highlights at industry 4.0 event

PAL Robotics joins Advanced Factories 2022

Last week PAL Robotics took part in industry 4.0 event Advanced Factories 2022 for the sixth year in a row. Compared to the last year, this year we were able to present two of our newest solutions in our booth: TIAGo OMNI Base and TIAGo Base new generation, as well as contribute to the conversation through presentations, speeches and interviews.

Advanced Factories is an annual meeting that brings together some of the most innovative industrial automation, robotics, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, artificial vision, systems integration software, Internet of Things, and more for Spanish industry. Companies involved in industrial automation, robotics, and industry 4.0 have the opportunity to present their solutions at Advanced Factories in front of an audience that is increasingly aware of the technologies and eager to make the most of them, and of course, PAL Robotics’ was there to talk about developments and the latest solutions for industry 4.0.

The event includes the Factory Innovation Theatre presenting the latest innovations from exhibitors. In addition, the Factories of the Future Awards are held annually, which recognize work and excellence in the manufacturing industry.

Advanced Factories 2022 was kicked off by the opening ceremony, which included presentations by Laia Bonet, Joan Romero, Salvador Giró, Raül Blanco, and Arturo Aliaga. A welcome party was also held at the Factory Innovation Theatre at the end of the first day of the event. 

The PAL Robotics team participated in a radio interview as well as three talks and an official event tour together with AER Automation.

PAL Robotics and our intralogistics solutions for industry 4.0

On the first day of the event, Alexandre Saldes, PAL Robotics’ Director of Innovation Business Development, gave two speeches in the Factory Innovation Theatre of Advanced Factories, where he presented our latest 4.0 solutions: TIAGo OMNI Base and TIAGo Base new generation.

Robots with 360º of movement: TIAGo OMNI Base

In this session, Alexandre Saldes presented the new TIAGo OMNI Base, which is PAL Robotics’ recently developed omnidrive robot. TIAGo OMNI Base is part of the TIAGo robot family, and is complete with omnidirectional drive with 3 DoF mecanum wheels and two LIDAR sensors for an unobstructed 360º FOV secure movement.

Impact of Mobile Robotics

In this talk, Alexandre Saldes, made an introduction in the  Siemens main auditorium of another new member of the TIAGo family, the TIAGo Base new generation. TIAGo Base new generation is able to carry payloads of up to 150 kg in any indoor environment. Thanks to the built-in insulation from wet floors, the robot is also suitable for use in harsh conditions. 

Robotics and automation career opportunities

Luca Marchionni, PAL Robotics’ CTO, presented here on the team at PAL Robotics – emphasising collaboration and team expertise, including in areas such as navigation, software, electronics, production, training, and community, as well as plans for the team to continue to grow. 

On the second day of the event, Jordi Pages, PAL Robotics’ Head of Intralogistics & Retail, was interviewed by Kapital Empresa for Advanced Factories. During the interview, he discussed PAL Robotics and our aims, the various types of robots we develop, the fields in which our robots work and the solutions we demonstrated at  Advanced Factories.

Solutions and live demos at our booth at Advanced Factories 2022

During Advanced Factories, visitors could not only meet our robots in person but also watch live demos of StockBot, TIAGo Conveyor, and ARI. 

On one side of the booth, visitors could find StockBot, our inventory tracking and data collection solution, navigating around the booth and demonstrating the ability to avoid obstacles. Top retailers around the world use StockBot, which is one of the most mature inventory tracking solutions on the market.

On the other side of the booth, those attending could also see the TIAGo Conveyor, one of the members of the TIAGo Base family demonstrating indoor deliveries, and our social humanoid robot, ARI, introducing the different robots in the booth.  

PAL Robotics’ team was also navigating the TIAGo OMNI Base around the booth for visitors to see the omnidrive capabilities of the robot.

AER tour at the event with PAL Robotics’ social robot ARI

On the last day of the event, we took part in the Advanced Factories tour, led by our social robot ARI, where visitors had the chance to interact with the robot. The tour organised by AER Automation started at AER’s booth and included visits to a number of organisations at the event such as Sumcab, Eurecat, Bcnvision and Infranor

Finally, thank you to everyone who attended Advanced Factories 2022 and to the organisers for what was once again a successful event. We look forward to joining again in 2023! Visit our website to learn more about us, and to ask us any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

For more info on our participation at events and fairs, don’t forget to check our blog on robotics!

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