TALOS: the next step in humanoid robots from PAL Robotics

The humanoid robot TALOS is presented as the next step in humanoid robotics

Meet TALOS – The new humanoid collaborative robot

PAL Robotics is launching a new humanoid robot: TALOS, a collaborative robot for industrial complex tasks. TALOS will be an advanced electrical high-performance humanoid robot due to the cutting-edge technology integrated. Stay tuned, TALOS will be released soon!

This humanoid robot is conceived for industrial Human-Robot collaboration. TALOS’ goal is to assist workers in factory assembly lines with physically demanding tasks that need high accuracy, and which are performed in hostile or uncomfortable industrial settings.

Read more about the IEEE Robots Guide and TALOS.

Humanoid research platform TALOS seen from front

This new humanoid robot was born from a tender granted by the French research lab LAAS-CNRS. The first platform will be delivered to the LAAS-CNRS’ Gepetto team, under the direction of Philippe Souères, PhD. The humanoid will be released in November. The Gepetto team will name it PYRENE.

Want to know a bit about TALOS?

  • TALOS is a fully electrical human-sized robot
  • It has sensored torque control in all joints
  • The platform uses EtherCAT communications

The robot TALOS can walk dynamically at a maximum speed of 3Km/h, and is able to navigate through uneven ground. Each arm has a 6Kg payload when fully extended, and it has dexterous and flexible manipulation skills. Therefore it can nimbly handle heavy industrial tools with its customized 3-fingered grippers.

TALOS is 100% ROS capable as all of PAL Robotics’ platforms. PAL Robotics has made a huge effort to integrate the best hardware components and sensors on this humanoid robot.

The tendency of collaborative robots in Industry 4.0

Collaborative robots like TALOS are conceived to take part in industrial activities that are manual, arduous, and require accuracy or strength. TALOS’ mission is to assist in those tasks that are susceptible to damage the worker’s health.

With TALOS, PAL Robotics makes available a flexible and accessible platform to go beyond the limits of Industry 4.0.

To know more about our robots and work, visit PAL Robotics’ website and don’t forget to take a look at our blog on robotics and research.

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