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Project SCAFo
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Project SCAFo – implementing a fleet of agrifood robots to improve food processing

Recently the team at PAL Robotics participated in the EU project SCAFo, with the aim of introducing AMRs (Autonomous Mobile…
The social robot ARI surrounded by researchers
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Research at PAL Robotics: interviews with our experts

The importance of research to PAL Robotics: a continuous loop between research and development Research & development (R&D) and innovation…
Robotics expert Raquel Ros interview about social robotics
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Raquel Ros interview: making social robotics more relatable to people

The progress of social robotics with Raquel Ros The field of social robotics has experienced significant growth in recent years.…
Alfonso Perrotta and the mobile manipulator TIAGo robot
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Creating a safe workspace for robots and humans: TIAGo & collision handling

Humans and robots working together With the advance of Human-Robot Interaction in Industry 4.0, the coexistence of robots and humans…
Enrico Mingo Hoffman interviewed with TALOS robot
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Enrico Mingo Hoffman interview: working towards complex humanoid robots in real application scenarios

Beginnings in robotics: from sci-fi movies to ICRA 2007 We are constantly working to develop our humanoid robots to achieve…
Robotics expert Séverin Lemaignan with TIAGo robot
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Severin Lemaignan interview: social robots to support stronger human relationships

Interview with Séverin Lemaignan The use of robots in different kinds of social scenarios has grown tremendously in recent years.…
Robotics expert Georgia Chalvatzaki with TIAGo robot
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Georgia Chalvatzaki interview part 2: mobile manipulation, AI, robotic assistants & more

Role as a KI-camp AI newcomer and helping to inspire women and young people to choose robotics  Rising star in…
NASA Space Robotics Challenge
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PAL Robotics employees win first place in the NASA Space Robotics Challenge

PAL Robotics’ team triumphs in NASA Space Robotics Challenge A group of PAL Robotics employees that formed the Olympus Mons…