In Action: TIAGo Base and StockBot at Advanced Factories 2020

PAL Robotics at the event Advanced Factories 2020

TIAGo’s and StockBot’s performance at Advanced Factories

For the 4th consecutive year, PAL Robotics participated in the Industry 4.0 congress – Advanced Factories 2020, introducing their most innovative intralogistics solutions. This year’s PAL Robotics’ stars were TIAGo Base with StockBot, who showcased some of their capabilities to the event’s visitors.

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If you had the chance to walk around at the Advanced Factories congress, you may have noticed a number of robots performing their capabilities to the visitors of the exposition. TIAGo Base was able to capture people’s attention to stop by and watch it deliver a load from point A to point B with a conveyor attached to it. Allowing TIAGo Base to move around freely, PAL Robotics managed to present its capabilities to navigate whilst avoiding obstacles at the stand and without bothering “passengers”, as well as demonstrate how modular and adjustable this robot is. Thanks to TIAGo Base’s performance, the visitors were able to experience for themselves how safely and accurately PAL Robotics’ robots work, and not just hear it from the team!

Why you should consider implementing TIAGo Base to your intralogistics system:

  • Choose your own add on: fixed shelves, safety box, roller conveyor, standard boxes stacking and lifter
  • Easy to integrate
  • No layout modifications needed
  • Quick ROI
  • Autonomous
  • Easy task management

Moreover, StockBot also caught a lot of people’s attention with it´s distinct shape and features, uniquely presented at this year’s Advanced Factories. PAL Robotics demonstrated the functionality of stockbot and its ability to manage and track inventory in large spaces.

Why StockBot is exactly what you need for your stock tracking:

    • RFID Inventory
    • Captures images of your shelves
    • Runs safely around people
    • Has your stock located and ready for customers
    • Generated data for in store/warehouse analytics

A TIAGo Base delivering a box to another TIAGo Base


Presenting PAL Robotics insight into industry 4.0

Alexandre Saldés and Dr. Jordi Pagès also delivered presentations on intralogistics solutions, through these, visitors and participants at Advanced Factories 2020 were able to get a better insight on how PAL Robotics work, as well as hear about PAL Robotics’ solutions for industry 4.0.

Jordi Pagès speaking at Advanced Factories 2020

The PAL Robotics team would like to say thank you to the Advanced Factories 2020 organizers for organizing an excellent event and creating this opportunity for local Industry 4.0 enthusiasts to meet in one place. Also, to say a big thank you to each and every person that came to hear the team give presentations, as well as to those who stopped by PAL Robotics’ booth to have a chat and meet TIAGo Base and StockBot. See you at Advanced Factories 2021!

If you could not make to Advanced Factories 2020:

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