Innovation radar highlights PAL Robotics breakthrough developments in EU-funded projects! Part I : Healthcare

Elderly woman interacts with the touchscreen of TIAGo robot

Our innovations in the healthcare sector with EU Projects

The Innovation Radar of the European Union is highlighting new innovations developed by PAL Robotics! This website remarks EU-funded innovations that were done thanks to framework programs like the Horizon 2020. These are the 5 innovations featured at the Innovation Radar developed by Pal Robotics:

  • Force torque tuning and calibration for collaborative tasks (Co4Robots)
  • Long term robot interaction in an AAL environment (ENRICHME)
  • Augmentation of PAL REEM-C robot (socSMCs)
  • GrowMeUp robot to monitor and keep company to the elderly people in their home (GrowMeUp)
  • Service robot and ICT based solutions for assisted living (Project GrowMeUp)

Here’s a bit more on the two first innovations:

EnrichMe – Pilots of TIAGo robots assisting old people

Project EnrichMe Logo

One of the Innovation Radar remarks is the progress made by the EnrichMe project, finalized last year, to successfully have several mobile manipulator TIAGo robots assisting old people at home for a long period of time – up to 10 weeks.

Amongst other conclusions, participants felt they gained autonomy in their routine and felt more optimistic when they thought about the future and the effects of age or cognitive impairments. Likewise, the majority of participants engaged with the physical and mental exercises proposed by the robots and got used to them, becoming more active both mentally and physically.

Older lady stares at TIAGo robot's touchscreen


Project GrowMeUp logo

Grow me up project was focused on increasing the years of independent and active living of older people aged over 65 years with light physical or mental disadvantages in the comfort of their own homes. Service robots such as TIAGo were introduced to learn older people’s habits and needs over time in order to be able to ¨Grow up/ scale up¨ their functionalities according to people’s needs.  Many elderly people could stay longer in the comfort of their own home with 24-hour support from a robot companion that helps them, monitors their health status, calls the doctor or family in case of an emergency.

Want to learn more?

PAL Robotics participates in more than a dozen different projects in collaboration with other institutions and companies worldwide. PAL Robotics’ platforms and developments are used in areas such as healthcare, industry, digitalization, AI, Human-Robot Interaction, Smart Cities and much more.

Check out all the projects PAL Robotics is involved in at our Research page! And find all the Innovation Radar identified breakthroughs at their interactive map.

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