Internships at PAL Robotics: Joven (from the Philippines) reports:

Internship report from Joven

Hi, I’m Joven, a masters student with the Erasmus Mundus VIBOT (Computer Vision and Robotics). This is a two years master funded by the European Commission with three University partners: the University of Burgundy (France), the University of Girona (Spain) and the Heriot-Watt University (United Kingdom). During the last semester of the Master I have undertaken a 5 month stay at PAL Robotics working on my thesis.

The master thesis is about object grasping with the REEM humanoid robot from PAL Robotics in Barcelona, Spain, using visual servoing. I have had the opportunity to work not only with the PAL Robotics staff but also to count with the advise of François Chaumette, head of the Lagadic team at IRISA of Rennes, France, who is one of most important researchers worldwide in visual servoing. You can find more details of the work in Visual Servoing. Enjoy the videos showing REEM directing its hand towards a target object both in simulation and in the actual robot!

I can say that it has been a very nice experience. There is a unique challenge and excitement to do something that can work on a humanoid robot. PAL Robotics gives the opportunity to test the code in the real robot! (once the simulation does well of course). To me, it is very gratifying to see my code in action moving the real robot. The employees of PAL Robotics have also been very helpful during the course of my thesis work.

So, thanks to PAL Robotics for this opportunity and thanks to everyone there for the great experiences not only at work but also in enjoying the city of Barcelona.

To read more about PAL Robotics, check out our blog on robotics. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any question!

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