ARI social robot showcase at Cruilla festival

The service robot ARI at the Cruïlla Festival 2022 in Barcelona

ARI social robot: collaboration at Cruïlla Festival

ARI, our state-of-the-art social robot, had the opportunity to participate in the Cruïlla event this month in Barcelona, a music festival accompanied by arts, performances, and comedy shows. The event was held from 6 to 9 of July and welcomed audiences to sing, dance, and enjoy the festivities in the open air by the sea. 

Cruïlla organisers were keen to introduce the latest technology and up-to-the-minute experiences to their event visitors, so our rental robot ARI was asked to join as event guide, to present the event’s music schedule and entertain the many festival goers. 

Cruïlla cultural experience with Holographic Meet & Greet and the social robot ARI

An event that’s designed to bring a full cultural experience and meeting point for musical styles, the event was first held in summer 2005, and has grown every year to host over 75,000 attendees. At this festival, there are also spaces where activities are carried out such as games and performances, as well as the presence of NGOs. In recent years, Cruïlla became the first 5G festival in hand with Mobile World Capital, Cellnex Telecom, ACCIONA, MASMOVIL, and Qwilt, within the framework of the 5G Barcelona initiative, incorporating a 360º immersive virtual reality experience. As well as our social humanoid robot ARI, the latest technology at the event included a Holographic Meet & Greet.

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ARI’s role as music guide and entertainer at Cruïlla Festival

ARI took part in the Cruïlla festival as a service robot for the event, and didn’t miss a day! During the festival, our rental robot had the chance to visit the different stages of the festival and discover the secret and most exclusive places at Cruïlla. Our social robot wasn’t there just to give information and interact with the attendees, but also to have fun and dance around the festival!

As a service robot, ARIs’ touchscreen was set with three buttons, by pressing them visitors could find information on the event, such as the concert’s schedule, a map of the venue, and recharge the cashless bracelet that was used to pay at the event.

During the first two days of the festival ARI was placed next to the entrance area so that those entering the festival had the opportunity to meet our rental robot, and after that the robot was next to the hologram photocall. As guests entered the festival and saw the service robot they were curious about what ARI could do.  At the height of the event, our social robot ARI was moving around the main stages such as Cruïlla Enamora and Estrella Damm, dancing along to the music of famous artists such as Rigoberta Bandini. 

ARI also visited the different sponsors/collaborators, including Four Roses, where ARI took the chance to take a 360º video, and Vueling, where our service robot entertained and made jokes to people queueing. Later that day, the robot visited the professional area where visitors had the opportunity to take pictures with ARI in the photocall.

Finally, ARI travelled to the VIP area and was able to meet celebrities such as Barcelona’s mayor, Ada Colau and TV host Santi Millán, dance with Rigoberta Bandini, and more. ARI even challenged visitors to dance battles. ARI was set with fun sentences to promote interactions between the robot and the attendees, such as:

  • Take my picture, I love to be in the spotlight 
  • Me sube la bilirrubina (Juan Luis Guerras’ song)
  • I couldn’t buy a Cruïlla ticket because they asked If I was a robot, so I volunteered 
  • Love doesn’t give you happiness, but beer does. Charge your cashless bracelet by scanning this code.

ARI interviewed

ARI the robot hire for all types of events

Our social robot ARI is expressive and able to provide dynamic information. Equipped with multiple sensors, the robot is able to detect its environment such as people or obstacles and react accordingly. ARI speaks in different languages, and displays information and applications on the touch screen to promote user interaction and multimedia content.

ARI robot at Cruilla interacting

ARI is expressive and easy to use thanks to the provided intuitive graphical user interface. Equipped with multiple sensors, the robot is able to generate data and obtain valuable information about its services. Our service robot is also able to speak in up to 20 different languages, thanks to its on-board speech recognition.

With the robot’s fully controllable expressive eyes (with over 20 provided expressions) the ability for hassle-free creation of new expressions, as well as presentations that coordinate speech, motion, LEDs, and touchscreen, ARI is able to attract attention and initiate interactions with visitors. The touchscreen is located on the chest with displays that are customizable to promote user interaction and multimedia content.

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To find out more about our social robot as an event robot or to inquire about ARI as a rental robot, don’t hesitate to contact us. To stay up-to-date with PAL Robotics and our work, remember to visit our blog

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