ARI at IOT SWC: social event host meets the King

IOT SWC and ARI robot

ARI social robot: collaboration at IOT SWC congress

Our social robot ARI played a key part in the successful IOT SWC event in Barcelona last week, greeting visitors and even meeting His Majesty the King Felipe VI of Spain. ARI joined the team to take on various roles as well as interacting with people from all over the world throughout the 3-day event held at the venue Fira de Barcelona.

Held annually, IOT SWC is a leading event on trends in digital transformation, based on disruptive technologies. With the mission of creating a roadmap to navigate the opportunities and risks, and help visitors focus on the technologies that have the greatest business impact. The event offers a global meeting place for business and tech executives looking to leverage technology to achieve innovative, disruptive, game-changing outcomes.

IOT SWC organisers were keen to feature the latest technology and interactive experiences for their event visitors, so our social robot ARI was asked to join the event.

The humanoid social robot ARI interacting with a young man at IOT Solutions World Congress

Event inauguration hosted by the social robot ARI

PAL Robotics’ social robot ARI was a member of the event team, delivering a speech during the event inauguration – here ARI introduced the speakers and what was in store at the congress. Speakers at the inauguration included the Catalan Minister for Business and Knowledge, Jordi Baiget and the Director of the IOTSWC, Roger Bou.

170 international companies took part in the second edition of the IOT SWC (Internet of Things Solutions World Congress) with a total of 35 local companies participating. The main topics of discussion during the IOT SWC were to be manufacturing, transport and logistics, health, energy and innovation and technology, as well as business transformation.

Special event guest: ARI meets the King Felipe VI of Spain

The highlight of the event for social robot ARI was the opportunity to welcome a special guest to the congress, His Majesty the King Felipe VI of Spain. ARI welcomed His Majesty on his arrival at the IOT SWC. Following this PAL Robotics’ CEO, Francesco Ferro gave an introduction to the social robot and some of the capabilities and uses of such platforms in today’s society. 

His Majesty the King Felipe VI of Spain travelled accompanied by the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez Jiménez, and was received by the Government delegate in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, María Eugènia Gay; the mayoress of Barcelona, Ada Colau; the mayoress of L`Hospitalet de Llobregat and president of the Barcelona Provincial Council, Nuria Marín; the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fira de Barcelona, Pau Relat and the Executive Director of Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), Mike Blackman, among other. 

After being welcomed to the venue, His Majesty the King began his tour of the IOT SWC congress, visiting the booths of a number of high-profile technology companies. Some of the companies at the event included Accenture, Deloitte, Hewlett Packard, and Vodafone.

His Majesty the King Felipe VI of Spain and robot ARI

ARI’s role greeting visitors with QR codes at the event entrance

PAL Robotics’ social robot ARI greeted visitors from all over the world at the event entrance. ARI welcomed visitors by name, and scanned the QR codes on their event tickers. When visitors scanned the QR code on their ticket, a welcome message and their name appeared on the robot’s touchscreen.

As a service robot, ARIs’ touchscreen was set up with a number of buttons, by pressing them visitors could also find information on the event, such as the schedule, and a map of the venue. The robot was customized with the event branding of IOT SWC.

Aside from ARI’s role in welcoming visitors at the entrance, the social robot did a tour of the event venue, where guests took the chance to take photos and interact with the robot. ARI also had the opportunity here to showcase some other moves to event guests, including hand-shakes, waves, and dancing!

The humanoid social robot ARI greets guests

ARI the robot hire for all types of events

ARI robot is PAL Robotics’ social humanoid platform specifically designed for Human-Robot-Interaction and front-desk activities – building on state-of-art Service Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Our social robot ARI is engaging, expressive and able to provide dynamic information in a variety of settings, such as at events, in businesses, in hospitals, and for education. Equipped with multiple sensors, the robot is able to detect its environment and react accordingly. 

With the robot’s fully controllable expressive eyes (with over 20 provided expressions) it’s easy to create new expressions, as well as presentations that coordinate speech, motion, and the robot’s LEDs through the provided intuitive graphical user interface. The touchscreen is located on ARI’s chest with displays that are customizable to promote user interaction and multimedia content. ARI is expressive and able to attract attention and initiate interactions with visitors.

Equipped with multiple sensors, the robot is able to generate data and obtain valuable information about its services. Our service robot is also able to speak in up to 20 different languages, thanks to the onboard speech recognition.

To find out more about our social robot as an event robot or to inquire about ARI as a rental robot, don’t hesitate to contact us. To stay up-to-date with PAL Robotics and our work, remember to visit our blog

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