Advanced Grasping Premium Software Package now available for TIAGo and TIAGo++

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At PAL Robotics we are happy to announce in the ever-evolving landscape of robotics the launch of the Advanced Grasping Premium Software designed exclusively for the mobile manipulators TIAGo and TIAGo++. This Premium cutting-edge software package is set to enhance the capabilities of manipulation in robotics. From intricate research endeavors to competitive robotics competitions and diverse real-world applications, the Advanced Grasping Premium Software Package brings forth a new era of manipulation capabilities.

Versatile compatibility: using Advanced Grasping Premium Software with a range of grippers

One of the features of the Advanced Grasping Premium Software Package is its seamless compatibility with various grippers, including the following: PAL gripper, Robotiq 2f-85, Robotiq 2f-140, and Epick. This adaptability makes the software package incredibly versatile, meeting the demands of a wide range of applications.

Designing custom grasping tasks: Behaviour Trees and computer vision combined

The Advanced Grasping Premium Software Package combines Behavior Trees, MoveIt!, and computer vision, to create a framework empowering users to design custom grasping tasks. With the combination of these two technologies, the robot is not simply a programmed tool but a platform that can adapt to complex real-world scenarios.

A glimpse into the possibilities: out-of-the-Box demos

The Advanced Grasping Premium Software Package arrives with a pair of out-of-the-box demos – the “Clear Table” and the “Stack Cubes” demos. These demonstrations showcase the software’s capabilities in an engaging and tangible way.

In the “Stack Cubes” demo, the robot takes on the challenge of stacking two cubes. It identifies a table and objects placed on it, then precisely locates and grasps a blue cube, positioning it on the table. Next, it locates and stacks a red cube on top of the blue one. The setup requires a table with specific dimensions, two cubes (blue and red), and object templates for colour-based detection. This demo demonstrates the intricate coordination and precision the Advanced Grasping Premium Software Package brings to grasping tasks.

In the “Clear Table” demo, the robot is tasked with clearing objects from a table. It detects the table and objects, then systematically removes each object, placing them in a basket. The robot continues to monitor and clear the table as objects reappear. This demo is a testament to the software’s ability to handle dynamic environments and perform tasks autonomously.

At the core of the Advanced Grasping Premium Software Package lies a server-client architecture. Clients send specific task goals to the server, which then executes the action without disrupting the robot’s normal behaviour. Once the server finishes its task, it returns the result to the client. These servers are Perception, Grasp, Place, and Custom servers, and are implemented using ROS Actions. The package loads default action servers but allows the addition of custom ones, making it adaptable to diverse use cases.

Customisation: Shaping robotics to your research

The Advanced Grasping Premium Software Package thrives on customisation, putting users in control of tailoring the software to match their unique requirements. This customisation extends to three vital aspects:

  • Generation of Grasp Candidates: The software generates possible gripper positions around objects, termed Grasp Candidates, ensuring successful grasps. The convention for defining these candidates can differ based on the gripper axis convention used.
  • Object Detection: The package enables the limitation of the working area required for tasks by removing points in zones where object detection isn’t necessary, and using point clouds, filters and transformations are applied to these point clouds to detect the shape and size of the possible objects, also provides colour segmentation based on template matching to perform coloured object detection. This is especially useful for tasks like table-top grasping, where points under a certain height can be disregarded.
  • General Configuration: The Behavior Trees and actions are modifiable, allowing users to add new action servers and create or edit Behavior Tree nodes. This level of flexibility ensures the software remains aligned with evolving project needs.

The Advanced Grasping Premium Software Package for TIAGo Robotics isn’t just a package; it’s a gateway to a future where robots can grasp and manipulate objects with precision and adaptability. From its seamless integration with versatile grippers to the intricate dance of Behavior Trees and computer vision, this software package marks a turning point in robotics capabilities. The out-of-the-box demos showcase the potential for innovation, while the architecture and customisation options put the power of advancement in your hands.

The TIAGo family seamlessly integrates perception, navigation, manipulation, and Human-Robot Interaction right out of the box. Whether you’re a visionary researcher, a robotics enthusiast participating in competitions, or an innovator exploring applications in healthcare, assisted living, or light industry, the TIAGo mobile manipulator is your ultimate platform. Its easy configurability and upgradability allow TIAGo to adapt to your unique research needs, offering unparalleled performance and flexibility.

To find out more about the Advanced Grasping Premium Software Package for TIAGo and TIAGo++ robots get in touch with us. Learn more about TIAGo the mobile manipulator and the endless possibilities for your research that the robot provides. To read more about us, visit our website.

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