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Home Team winning the RoboCup 2018 with PAL Robotics TIAGo robot
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Homer Team, winners of RoboCup@Home 2018 OPL!

Homer Team’s victory at the RoboCup 2018 After heading the overall classification of the RoboCup German Open, Homer Team (Koblenz…
Close up of the mobile manipulator TIAGo robot used during the Deep Learning Project
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How TIAGo robot benefits from Deep Learning

TIAGo Robot and Deep Learning The combination of robotics and Deep Learning can lead robots to be more intelligent than…
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Automatica 2018: It’s all about collaborative robots

Thank you for visiting us at Automatica 2018! The Fair received more than 46.000 attendees and we could share our…
The autonomous mobile robot (AMR) TIAGo Base ferrying a box
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Automatica 2018: Four areas where “cobots” fit in Industry

Four PAL Robotics’ robots at Automatica 2018 Automatica 2018, the fair where Industry 4.0 takes shape, seems to have clear…
TIAGo robot helps a human with a box in a concept for Project Co4Robots
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Calling for (robotic) help: Human-robot cooperation to transport goods

Robotic help for people Human-Robot collaboration is being pushed ahead by Co4Robots! The European Union Collaborative Project has successfully achieved…
ROS Kinetic Kame logo
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PAL Robotics upgrades to ROS Kinetic!

Why stepping into ROS Kinetic? All of our robots at PAL Robotics have been upgraded to ROS Kinetic Kame, the…
TIAGo robot at the European Robotics League with a researcher
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Competing at ERL: an interview with HOMER Team

The HOMER Team at the European Robotics League Making robots help at home. This is the “magic” that teams competing…
Winners of the European Robotics League (ERL) 2018
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The European Robotics League (ERL) Winners, unveiled at ERF2018!

The ERL Service Robotics Winners An exciting Season of the European Robotics League (ERL) came to an end at the European…