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The social robot ARI surrounded by researchers
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Research at PAL Robotics: interviews with our experts

The importance of research to PAL Robotics: a continuous loop between research and development Research & development (R&D) and innovation…
Enrico Mingo Hoffman interviewed with TALOS robot
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Enrico Mingo Hoffman interview: working towards complex humanoid robots in real application scenarios

Beginnings in robotics: from sci-fi movies to ICRA 2007 We are constantly working to develop our humanoid robots to achieve…
PAL Robotics' webinar on How to advance robotics through EU Projects
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“How to advance robotics through EU projects” join our free webinar

Progress and knowledge with PAL Robotics’ webinar Strong partnerships are essential to advancements in robotics, in order to use technology…
ICRA 2021
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ICRA 2021: Robots for healthcare, industry and more plus Kangaroo jumping robot

PAL Robotics’ contribution to ICRA 2021 We were very happy to be able to contribute to this year’s ICRA (The…
Robotics Innovation through EU Research Projects
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Innovation through EU research projects

Robotics Development through EU Collaborative Project European Union (EU) research projects (previously part of the Horizon 2020 programme and now…
ROSin Play Motion Builder
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Successful launch of ROS Play Motion Builder tool for easy creation of robot motions

ROS Motion Builder project PAL Robotics has created ROS Play Motion Builder to make it easy to create motions in…
REEM-C in the EUROBENCH Project
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Applications to EUROBENCH Project are open

The EUROBENCH project As you may know, you can receive up to €160k for participating in the different calls of…
TIAo robot collaborating with a human
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Innovation radar highlights PAL Robotics breakthrough developments in EU-funded projects! Part II : Collaborative platforms

Co4Robots – Preparing Collaborative robots for Industry 4.0 The Innovation Radar of the European Union has shortlisted the key innovations…