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The retail robot StockBot tracking inventory in a store
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Stock-Taking Robots for a smart Inventory Management

How StockBot puts stock under control: a win-win for everyone As 2019 begins, new retail trends make it to the…
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StockBot will be at NRF Retail’s Big Show with Impinj (New York)

StockBot will be at the NRF Retail’s Big Show with our partner Impinj (stand nº 3465), the industry leader in RAIN…
Loan call for a TIAGo robot for the Sciroc Challenge
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Call for TIAGo loan for the 1st SciRoc Challenge

The SciRoc Challenge: robots assisting in Smart Cities PAL Robotics is opening a Call for loan of 6 TIAGo Steel…
The mobile manipulator robot TIAGo cleaning a toilet
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World Robot Summit with TIAGo robot: from cleaning toilets to interacting with customers

World Robot Summit – Toilet Cleaning Task TIAGo robot keeps increasing its multitasking skills more and more! This time, Team…
The organisers of the Mobile Manipulation Hackathon (MMH) at IROS 2018
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TIAGo robot multitasking at the IROS Mobile Manipulation Hackathon

Our mobile manipulator TIAGo at IROS 2018 One TIAGo robot, six teams, and 24 hours: the IROS 2018 Mobile Manipulation…
Smart City and PAL Robotics
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PAL Robotics is sponsoring the new ERL SciRoc Challenge!

All the news from the European Robotics League (ERL) 2018/2019 The European Robotics League 2018/2019 season comes with lots of…
The team of PAL Robotics at the IROS 2018 event in Madrid
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An extraordinary IROS 2018: Highlights on the major Conference in robotics

All the highlights from IROS 2018 A record-breaking IROS 2018 just took place in Madrid! Over 4,000 attendees participated in…
TIAGo, TALOS, and REEM-C at the Madrid IROS 2018 Conference
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Warming up for IROS 2018: A forecast of what you will experience in Madrid

The emotion of competitions, at IROS 2018 IROS 2018 is coming to Spain! The worldwide specialists of robotics are off…