Celebrating a remarkable European Robotics Week!

PAL Robotics' team at the ERW 2018

The European Robotics League at PAL Robotics!

The European robotics community celebrated its Robotics Week (ERW) from 17th to 26th of November with more than 950 events all around the territory. This year, the house of all the regions, the European Committee of the Regions, hosted the ERW Central Event in Brussels, an event sponsored by PAL Robotics.

The diverse EU projects in which we participate stand as an example of the direction in which we want to push robotics: to make robots serve people and improve the quality of life. The ERW Central Event was a useful chance to share this vision with the European institutions and related stakeholders, who were also very enthusiastic to meet REEM-C and two TIAGos – for some, it was their very first time shaking hands with a robot!

Discover PAL Robotics participation at the European Robotics Week (ERW) in 2016.

The Co4Robots project had a special relevance at the ERW Central Event. The project aims to develop a decentralized system to control and coordinate heterogeneous robots in collaborative complex tasks. This is a key step to ensure an efficient future for robotics.

There was time for fun too! REEM-C played a bit of piano to celebrate the #DayOfMusic and could meet the youngest participants of the event, who showed us their robotic creations! Meanwhile, we couldn’t take the eyes off of the ERL with the Facebook Live streaming that we broadcasted through our screens there.

The biped humanoid robot REEM-C plays a piano and interacts with a kid at ERW 2017

This year PAL Robotics changed the traditional Open Day to host a European Robotics League Tournament in Barcelona! PAL Robotics’ offices were transformed to recreate a house for this Service Robotics Local Tournament. The five teams made an outstanding performance, you can check the final scores here. We will reveal more insights on the European Robotics League outcome very soon, so stay tuned!

III Iberian Robotics Conference in Sevilla

The robotic developments of the Iberian Peninsula were also gathered together at ROBOT 2017, the III Iberian Robotics Conference hosted by Universidad de Sevilla. TIAGo also travelled to this conference and was especially attentive to the industrial applications and collaborative robotics’ debates and talks.

We enjoyed so much this European Robotics Week all over Europe, can’t wait for next year’s!

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