Project overview

CENTAURO addresses Spain’s structural challenge of low productivity by focusing on developing autonomous mobile manipulators. Leveraging intelligent robotics, the project aims to enhance productivity across sectors such as industry, agriculture, healthcare, and construction. Its mission is to reduce Spain’s dependency on foreign technology and address the shortage of skilled labor by fostering a robust ecosystem of autonomous robotic solutions.

6.12 M
project funding
partners involved
countries involved

Our Role

In the CENTAURO project, PAL Robotics is enhancing the TIAGo robot, focusing on robot’s versatility as a mobile manipulator. The team is developing advanced technologies for 3D vision, safe trajectory generation, and indoor autonomous navigation, aiming to refine TIAGo’s usability in complex tasks like polishing and logistics, thus contributing significantly to Spain’s technological advancement and economic productivity.

Key responsibilities

  • Researching technologies to enhance TIAGo’s capabilities as a versatile mobile manipulator.
  • Developing expertise in 3D vision, safe trajectory generation, and indoor autonomous navigation.
  • Enhancing intuitive programming for autonomous manipulation applications, particularly in industrial tasks.
  • Contributing to Spain’s technological independence and productivity enhancement across various sectors.